Seduction Strategy Seduction is a Billiards Game

I'm sure most guys out there have played pool at one time or another. (Some people call it billiards.) If you remember back when you first started playing pool, you didn't have the skill to do trick shots or anything cool; you just wanted to be able to hit a shot in that you intended to make. Once you got to the point where you could plan and aim one shot, and you could put the balls in the pockets consistently, you realized that there was a new strategy you had to learn: After this next shot is over, you have to have another shot lined up after it. If you didn't plan out the next shot in advance, you'd sink this one ball and wonder what the heck to do next. You realize that you weren't thinking out well enough in advance. To win the game, you had to plan ahead.

In some circles, this is called a planning horizon. Your planning horizon is how far you're willing to think things out, and it's a major indicator of your overall success in the long run. Those people with the longest planning horizons are consistently more successful than those who only think out to the next few hours. For example, 90% of the people in the United States retire broke. They reach the age of 65 with nothing more than their company pensions and Social (in)Security to live off of, with no savings or investments of their own. Those who plan and invest in IRAs and 401K programs now, while they're young, will retire with financial security. Think ahead.

In seduction, as in many games like pool, you must be thinking several steps in advance, like a chess master planning his moves. You know what her possible reactions are going to be in advance, and you plan for each of those eventualities. You prioritize them based on how likely they are to happen, and you plan accordingly.

For example: You're at a bar, talking with Donna Delicious. She takes a cell phone call, and you hear little snippets of her conversation. It sounds like she's talking about meeting up with her girlfriends later on that evening, probably at another bar. She smiles and mentions to her friend that she's talking to a guy (you), and she ends the call with "See you around 9:00, then. Bye." The inexperienced seducer would hear this and be discouraged, realizing that he doesn't stand much of a chance with Donna if she's going to hook up with her friend in the next hour. He might even pull back a bit, deferring the game plan back over to her. After all, why bother? She's just meeting her friends later.

You're an expert at this game, however. You know that once Donna meets up with her friend, you're going to have an uphill battle. (Female friends will block your seduction success.) You need to plan to keep her away from that meeting and with you instead. You check your watch: it's 8:10. This means you have fifty minutes. You think about how to accelerate your seduction with Donna. Then, you also realize that you have a backup plan: If things don't work out with keeping Donna from meeting up with her friends, you still have a chance by getting her to take you along with her, and then you can meet her friends there. (This is known as using her as a "pawn" or a "pivot" -a person who can network you to other women and make you look good because of social proof. We'll cover these concepts later.)

The further you can think out and strategize, the more successful you will be. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

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