Seduction Strategy Social Proof

Social proof is the concept that when a man (or even an idea) is validated by the acceptance of other people, other women will find him acceptable. If we see other people doing something, we accept it as appropriate. This has been proven numerous times in studies of how people react to events. You are much more likely to go along with something if you observe that others have done it, even if there is a question in your mind as to whether it is right or wrong.

The most obvious form of social proof is the testimonial, where you see people on television saying that some product is good, endorsing this brand. You then think to yourself, "Well, if they liked it, so will I." Or, an advertiser tells us about their product winning this award for four years running. You've probably seen this theory in action and didn't even know it, when bartenders sometimes "salt" their tip jar by putting a few dollars of their own in first, which then stimulates the generosity of their patrons.

You use this to your advantage when you get a woman to accompany you or otherwise validate you just by approving of you. When there are other people who believe in your validity, it reduces your target's uncertainty about you. (There are even dating web sites that feature only people who have provided a reference from another person of the opposite sex.) If you can make friends with the bartenders and wait-staff at a bar or restaurant, you will improve your social proof immensely when you bring a woman there and they recognize you and chat with you for a minute or two. She

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