Seduction Strategy The Name Test

One of the quickest and easiest tests you can use in your approaches with women is called the Name Test. What you do is, after you've found your teasing introduction and gotten her attention, ask her what her name is - but what you do not do is tell her your name. What you're looking for is her to ask you what your name is. This is a test for interest from her, and it will help you get right to the important question: Is she really interested in you at all? This will take some restraint on your part, because most guys tell her their name right away, as if they must exchange names to go any further. It's a bad habit, and I suggest you kick it. You're striving to make every interaction between you and a woman different than other guys, and different than she expects.

If she does eventually ask you for your name, it shows she's at least curious and maybe interested in talking further. If, after a couple exchanges, she still hasn't asked you for yours, she's indicating that she isn't really interested. If she were, she would ask you for at least your first name. Trust me.

Let's get started now on the Approaches:

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