Seduction Strategy The Philosophy of Handling and Overcoming Blocks to the Seduction

To be successful you must stay aware. Don't ignore warning signs, or bluster onward without addressing problems as they arise. These will only grow into a seduction time bomb. When you see an obstacle, recognize whether or not it will stop you from sleeping with her. If so, decide if it is something you can overcome (and with knowledge, almost all objections can) and then decide whether it is worth your effort. Then, confront the obstacle and overcome it. If you ignore a real obstacle in your way, one that falls within your Sphere of Control or Influence, you'll risk losing the seduction.

Most obstacles can be overcome just by pulling back and giving her some doubt and distance. When you resume your attack, you'll be twice as effective if she was able to breathe, relax, and not be steamrolled.

Also be aware that you won't always know right away whether or not an obstacle is threatening your success. Sometimes you'll just have to wait and see if it goes away on its own.

An example of an obstacle you do not need to address would be if she were to tell you, "Well, I just want to let you know that I'm just coming out of another relationship right now. I'm not sure I want to get involved."

And your response to that should be: "Involved? Whoah, there, girl. You're moving kind of fast there, aren't you? Next thing you know, you'll be down on one knee proposing. Let's just hang out and have fun for a while, okay?"

If you get into a discussion about why she feels this way, or try to sell her on going forward, you'll lose. You bypass this by ignoring it with humor. Now she feels a bit foolish for having brought it up, and you look like the guy putting on her brakes. Nice, huh? That's the way to turn it around.

An example of an obstacle that you should address would be if you are ready to get her alone and she decides to invite a friend along with both of you. This is a very real and immediate block to your success, and you can't let it sneak by. You have to handle this gently, but persuasively. If you let the friend hang on with her and you, you won't get the focus from your target woman that you need. She'll be distracted by her friend the whole night, and you'll have to work twice as hard. Not good.

How do you handle this? There are two possible solutions. The first is to have a friend with you (your wingman) that can occupy her friend and keep her from getting in the way. He should be at least as competent as you are with seduction strategies, so you don't have to worry about him turning into a wimp and screwing up not only his own seduction, but yours as well.

If you don't have a wingman, you have to be more creative. First of all, do not show any disrespect for her friend. These two women could be closer than Siamese twins sharing an organ and you might step in some very deep poop if you do anything to piss off her friend. This is what they mean when you hear the term cockblock. Stay observant and see if you think her friend is going to behave like an obstacle, or if she'll go off and do her own thing when it comes time for you to Disconnect your target from the pack. In some cases, if you can't separate them, you may want to go along with her and the friends, because eventually you all have to split up at the end of the night. You'll get another opportunity then to isolate her and move forward.

Once again, I urge you to develop your Occupation skills and monitor your target's interest and intensity. Some of the best seductions were spoiled by impatience and blundering forward without looking at the big picture. All the evidence is there, you know; you just have to see it and understand it. Only more experience will give you the judgment needed to decide which are real obstacles, and which are cones you can just swerve around on the track as you go.

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