Sense of Humor

If you can make a woman laugh, you've got half the battle won to seducing her. I have personally gotten laid more times because I could tickle a woman's funny bone than from any other tactic. Take the time to study comedy and humor. (Think about it: the type of movie women enjoy most next to romantic movies are comedies. Comedians get laid like it's going out of style.) Learn how to joke and kid with women in a way that is non-offensive and playful.

There are different kinds of humor, but there are a couple ways to be funny that don't take very long to pick up and use. The first of these is Humor by Exaggeration. You use this by picking up on something and blowing it up into ridiculous proportions. Here are some examples:

"That's an interesting nail polish you're wearing. Every time you wave your hands, it's like a disco in here."

"So what's up with that dude's hair? It looks like he ran his head through a wood chipper."

There's the Role-reversal Humor, which is almost a guaranteed laugh. (It's another form of Humor by Contrasts.) You simply take something associated with women and pretend it's a male trait.

"Do you think that my butt looks too fat in these pants? I can't tell anymore."

"Oh, I stopped buying under-wire bras. They kept setting off the metal detectors in the airports, and the strip searches were just too embarrassing."

(Jokes like this also work on another level, because any man who can joke about female situations with familiarity must also have some working knowledge of women. She'll want to know how you acquired your knowledge.)

One area of humor I have never found women to appreciate is with jokes and put-downs. Men use these most of the time, in the usual male spirit of competitiveness. I don't suggest that you use them on a woman, however, as they do not respond to them in the same way. In fact, you'll notice that they usually respond to them negatively. Keep your joking limited to observations and teasing. Women love jokes about real life experiences, and finding the humor in reality.

There are many books you can get that teach you how to develop your own personal comedic flair. Most of the time, you can get away with just watching a lot of comedy shows and movies and feeding it back to her. Watch a lot of stand-up comedy on cable, as well as the older comedy movies for material.

One particular area of comedy that women love is characters (such as using an accent and manners from another country like England or Scotland), and learning how to embody those characters will enhance your humor. Imitations and quirky characters are a great way to warm her up to you. Use Austin Powers as a fun character to imitate. "Groooovy, baby, yeah!" But not too much, because over-using a character gets annoying after more than a couple times.

Copy and steal whatever you can get hold of. Even stuff from old Wayne's World movies. She won't care where your humor comes from, as long as you've got some.

Note: Don't ever use any physical comedy on her, like the Three Stooges. It is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

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