Sexual Kino

Even after you have moved your seduction into the bedroom, you must realize that a good understanding of sexual kino will help you immensely. There are a few simple rules that can keep you from burning out and being a one-hit-wonder with your seduction target.

- Wait as long as you can before directly stimulating her

Use your fingers to tease, as well as please. Remember: the definition of foreplay is not touching what she knows you want to touch. Foreplay is just one big tease, and the longer, the better. Have fun with it. Remember: A baseball player doesn't have to run fast when he knows he's hit a home run. Think about it.

- Touch uncommon areas.

It seems that men do one of two things with breasts - squeeze them like water balloons or suck their nipples off. Get creative! The sides and underside of her boobs are extremely sensitive areas, as is the top of her chest. Try working your way in, very slowly. Hang out in the cleavage for a while. Do some tongue-work around the outsides and underneath. She will love it, I assure you. Guys tend to use nipples as targets, when you should stay away from them until later.

Commonly untouched areas also work wonderfully when you're leading toward sex. Think about where she puts her perfume. Try lightly rubbing the back of her knees, the inside of her elbows, the sides of her ankles, her wrists, or anywhere that you might not normally think to go.

- Don't forget the cheap seats.

You'd be amazed how many women like being touched ALL over, especially during sex. A delicate rub on her back or caressing her legs is often like icing on the cake when she's in the throes of ecstasy. It puts you closer to her and it removes the focus from just one or two parts of her body to all of her. It goes back to the sense of overall uniqueness and appreciation that she desires. When your hands go everywhere on her, she feels appreciated all over.

- Get her to show you the way

She knows better than anyone else where she likes to be touched. Ask her to show you where she likes to be stimulated, and how. This doesn't mean you're incompetent, since any man with confidence knows to stop the car and ask for directions. Have her guide your hand and show you where she likes it, and how much pressure.

- Always leave her wanting more.

Don't go nuts and try to do every sexual position you've ever heard of. You want to satisfy her, but not over-satisfy her. If you want to be invited back for more, don't go overboard on your first time in bed. (This does not mean, however, to deprive her of an orgasm. Be restrained, not selfish.)

The next section will detail the principles for driving her absolutely crazy in bed. If you're patient and persistent here, as you have been getting her in the bedroom, you'll be able to give her the best loving she's ever had.

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