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There are a lot of men with strong repressed anger over the seemingly endless string of hoops guys have to jump through to get sex. This essentially comes from anger over women's authority and power - the ultimate say-so or say-no. If you find you have a lot of this anger, or extreme bitterness about the process of dating to pursue sex, you'll have to find a way to let it go if you expect to make any long-term success in the field of meeting and seducing women. This anger is rooted in a deep-

seated belief that since women control the supply of sex, and you have the demand, they somehow own or control you.

Nothing is further from the truth.

However, if there is a part of you that has a very difficult time getting over it and accepting that women ultimately can and do say "No" to men, you may wish to seek counseling of some kind. The techniques and strategies covered here are for men with very little (if any) emotional baggage about women. Again, you have to love women, and you can't be trying to change her if you want to seduce her.

Think about how our society refers to sex. Men are expected to "get lucky" with women. They believe that all sexual success is based on rolling the dice and seeing who you end up with, and if she will or will not "put out." Sex is a game of chance, according to popular belief, and if you try to learn the rules so that you can turn the game in your favor, you're looked on as some kind of cheater.

Why not take a planned approach? Why would you leave your future up to the fates when you have the ability to control your destiny?

Perhaps you've heard the serenity prayer:

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