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Early in the program I suggested that you get a good wingman to work with you as you employ these techniques. Even better than just any wingman, you should find the guys that are getting a lot of success with women and use them as the stone to sharpen your blade upon. You may learn with men of lesser experience, but it's usually through their mistakes; you'll see what they're doing wrong, but not how to correct the errors. What you really want is an Ace wingman.

By working with an expert, you can see firsthand what a seduction master does to handle various circumstances. By hanging out with him, may even find that you get a lot of his hand-me-downs, but this is not a bad situation for you. You'll get women that are interested in you just by virtue of the social proof from you get from the guy you're with.

The best sharpening you can do is to go out and observe other masters of seduction. See how they do it. With a little observation, you can see who is successful at the bars and clubs, and if you watch them closely enough, you'll see what kind of behaviors you need to emulate. (Emulate means to take the spirit of their work, not imitate it exactly.)

I'll be the first to admit, it takes a lot of humility to go up to another guy and ask him to teach you a skill that men are all expected to know from birth. But the reality is this: If you let your ego stop you from finding the people who can help you, you probably don't have what it takes to succeed long term. Because the karma of The Seduction Method is that when you become good at it, and you succeed with women, you must pass this wisdom on to other guys. When you become good, you must take on an apprentice. (First you instruct them to buy this book, of course!)

You might be afraid that by sharing the secrets you learn along the way that you'll somehow be making it harder for yourself, that you'll suddenly have all this competition from guys who jump on the same bandwagon. It won't happen that way. Right now, less than five percent of all men have any real ability with women, and if that were to double, that still leaves 90% of them without any game. You're safe.

The truth is that success is always simple, but it's not easy. Most guys don't have the discipline to do what you are doing, or the willingness to learn. If you're lucky enough to find a guy who wants a mentor, it's the best thing you can do for all the guys out there. Success is not a pie where there is only so much to go around. There's a slice of it for everyone. Even her.

The likelihood of running into competition from another seduction artist is rare, and that's why you want to take advantage of it if you do. Buy him beers, take him to Raiders' games, and be his best buddy. Because the things you'll learn in their presence will accelerate you to mastery in seduction. Your blade will be sharper than any sword imaginable.

The next best sharpening stone you can use to improve your seduction is to make sure you are exercising your flirting ability on every woman you meet. Whenever you go out, you must treat every woman you encounter as if you were charming them. Yes, even the unattractive ones.


o Stay Frosty! Stay Sharp!

First, you want to keep your skills sharp for use anytime. You'll be less intimidated flirting with and seducing the women you really want when you feel comfortable using them on every woman. It will feel much more natural. More times at bat means more practice. More practice means better skills, always.

o Social Validation

Second, you want to create an aura around you, and this aura is of a man who knows how to handle women. By practicing all the time, you start a chain of events in your life. Some women will appear and lead you to others. Others will be friends of friends of friends. Also, when you can bring a seduction target to a favorite bar and the staff knows you and you can pal with them, this goes a long way to proving your social validation. If others know you, you must be all right. This is linked directly to the social proof principle I highlighted early on.

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