Sharpen Yourself

Keep a journal of your adventures in seduction. You'll gain an of skill just by learning how to stand outside your own experiences and analyze them yourself. You are, in essence, your own best teacher, if you'll take the time to discipline yourself to observe and learn. By keeping a journal, you'll also be able to detach yourself from the experiences and the emotions. You'll be able to see the reality of the events, not the distortion we use to avoid confronting them.

This one technique is practically all I've ever done to improve this point. And I took years to figure all this out. Now that you've got this book, you'll be able to accelerate even further by sharpening at every opportunity.

(And be sure that you keep any journal you write in secure where no one can get to it and read it. Mine is in a locked Word document on one of my computers. Someday, that might even make an interesting book!)

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How to Find, Meet, and Seduce Women

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