She wants you because of behaviors that you exhibit that arouse her interest excitement and attraction at a primal level

It's your job to be on good behavior, demonstrate these attraction qualities, and stay just far enough away that it gives her room to take action on her attraction. This doesn't mean she'll be hunting you down and begging you for sex (although in some cases, when you get really good, this will happen in a seduction). You're still responsible for initiating and taking action, but she will now be in a place where those advances are hoped for and welcome, and she'll seize them when you put them in front of her.

PRINCIPLE: Physical Size And Trust

One important and often ignored element of balancing out a woman's attraction and trust for you is to adjust your approach to your physical stature. Now, guys come in every size imaginable, and every build. One thing that is usually fairly consistent is that the woman is almost always smaller than the man. She will always have a need to feel safe around you since you are almost always capable of physically overpowering her. This is part of her need to feel trust for you. This also figures into her trust mechanism, because women are also hard-wired to desire a strong man they feel can protect them and any children. However, this doesn't mean that you have to be a powerful man to attract women. It's only her perception of your power, i.e., your self-confidence that communicates this to her.

You can be fairly small in build and have no problem with women. In fact it can often be slightly easier for you because of a lower intimidation factor. Women hear all the time about rape and physical violence against women, and they are much more educated (and, unfortunately, a bit more paranoid) about the danger of certain men. I have a very lean and thin build, and I know for a fact that this lets me slip by many women's radar easier than a large, imposing guy might.

The point of this knowledge is that you may have to adjust your approach slightly to accommodate your physical presence. If you're a small guy, like me, you have to come across stronger in personality and self-confidence. If you're a larger guy, you need to lean back a little and not be too physically overpowering. The most effective strategy I've seen is to use the "big teddy bear" method for large men. A jovial and relaxed personality is much more attractive in a big man. For smaller guys, the "I'm a lover, not a fighter" approach works well. This doesn't mean that a big guy should act all wimpy and weak, nor should a thin guy act aggressive and threatening, but you'll have to flex your personal style to adjust to your appearance for maximum effect. You'll notice that all the "Latin lover" stereotypes in the movies (like "Don Juan DeMarco") represent the suave seducer as being the "lover not a fighter" type. They are rarely gruff, aggressive, hulking men.

PRINCIPLE: The Slut Complex

Women never want to feel like they are being promiscuous, or easy with sex. They have been conditioned since birth to guard their sexuality as if it were the Holy Grail. You have to respect this internal limit of hers if you want to be successful in seduction.

If you're in a public location, you have a limit on the activity you will be able to engage in with a woman. Usually this is limited to kissing and over-the-clothes touching. Once you are able to get her to disregard judgment by outside observers (usually by disconnecting her from her friends) you will be able to move to completing the seduction.

Think of what's going on in her head as you move with the Seduction Method. A woman will be battling two forces in her head:


Veil of Romantic Illusion


"I want to have sex with him!"

If you go too hard too fast, she will become aware of the self-conscious end of her image - wondering if she's a Slut. If you move too fast, you'll break that Veil of Romantic Illusion she needs to allow the excitement to guide her closer to you and the seduction.

Think about what you would be thinking about if you were out with your friends, deep kissing a woman at a restaurant while your mother was watching. You'd be self-conscious, too, wouldn't you? That's how a woman feels when she is in public with you. She feels the judging eyes of others on her, and she's conscious of what they think about her.

There are two faces to every person, and one is the side where we act on our desires and dark thoughts, the other is the polite face that lets everyone know we're "good." A woman has these all of these faces, and she is terrified of showing people the side of her that wants the things that other people tell her are forbidden.

Keep that Veil Of Romantic Illusion up, at all costs. There are only a few times when it can be dropped, and they are only after you are making love to her, not before. Only when she caves in to her desire will you be able to stop pretending that you're not interested in sex.

There is a barrier in our heads between who we think we are, and who we are by virtue of our actions. Everyone thinks they are essentially a "good" person. When we are faced with the knowledge that we are not who we think we are, we suffer something of an identity crisis, which shakes the foundation of our being. (A little of that Cognitive Dissonance I spoke of earlier.)

You must learn to challenge a woman in such a way that you never push her past this barrier in her head. If she feels she's giving in to your seduction too soon, too fast, she'll slam on the brakes, worried that she is becoming a "slut."

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