Situation 1 Grocery Store

Description: You're at any grocery store, and you see a petite gal feeling up the chicken breasts in the frozen foods.

Goals: Phone number and/or email. (Your chances of getting laid from a trip to the Safeway are pretty slim, cowboy. Set your sights accordingly.)

Opportunities: Women take a lot of thought with their grocery shopping, so you have many opportunities to engage in conversation about something they're looking at. They really ponder their choices. And, you can take as long as you want to shop and flirt because there are new people coming and going every minute. Take a little while to do a little product research while you're there.

Dangers: You should be shopping with at least a basket or shopping cart. If you've only come in to grab a bottle of wine and leave, you may have to be more forward, because you won't look as natural as the other shoppers. Another danger is that not many people take a relaxed and luxurious trip to the grocery. They usually want to shop their list as quick as they can, get rung up, and leave. You have to find a way into her attention zone.

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