Situation 2 Coffee House

Description: You're at your local Starbucks or coffee house, either waiting in line with the rest of the drones to order and pay, or adding your sugar and treatments to it. Ms. Hot-legs is in line for her dose of java.

Goals: Again, a phone number and/or email. Unless this is a first meeting from another contact, you are probably only going to be able to shoot for the possibility to contact her for another meeting.

Opportunities: There are so many people who get their coffee in the morning, late-morning, noon, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening... you'll never have a shortage of women to approach.

Dangers: People can be very serious about their java fix. You need to watch out for the moody ones in the morning. Beware smiling or being too joyful as you might risk seeming annoyingly happy - and unrealistic. You'll seem like a fake. Another danger is that you may also be intimidated by the crowd of people in line, afraid to perform in front of everybody. But rest assured that you don't even have to ask any potential target for her number in the store. You can always follow her outside and finish your close there, away from prying eyes.

Approach: The first approach requires you to be in line somewhere near her. Listen to her order, if she's in front of you. If it's interesting, consider ordering the same thing, and then telling her, "You know, what you ordered sounded so good, I had to try it out. But if it sucks, I'm going to ask for a refund from you. Cool? Okay, then." Again, delivered with some good humor.

If she's behind you in line, make it a point to let a few people get in front of you as you "try to decide what you want." When she gets right behind you, you say, "Okay, I need to know what they've got here that's good. Do you have any idea? If you give me a good hint, I'll let you get in front of me, too. Just none of those weird teas, okay?"

If she's putting sugar in, make a comment: "Gee, do you like coffee with your sugar? I usually don't stop until the spoon stands straight up."

Remember, this is a repeat location, so you can wait and approach her a couple times and build a little familiarity.

Details: Almost anything goes in this situation. Again, your dress code should be as casual as work allows, but everyone expects everyone else to be dressed for work. It helps to frequent the same coffee places for a while so you can get a sense of who shows up at what times. Alternate locations so that you won't appear too familiar to any of the women, and in case you do pick up on one, you don't have to worry about other women recognizing you as "that guy who picks up women at the coffee shop." You might also want to bring a friend as a wingman. Also, make friends with the cashiers. If you flirt or pal with them, you can look more socially validated in other women's eyes later.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

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