Slow it Down

Sexual satisfaction is relative. A guy isn't satisfied unless he ejaculates, while the woman can be satisfied with everything from a hug to an orgasm that blows the top of her head off. However, one thing you can be sure of: A woman will almost always take much longer to reach climax than a man. So you need to extend your performance as long as you can, while shortening her delay in getting off by stimulating her. Also, if she feels rushed, it's very unlikely that she will be able to achieve orgasm easily, if at all.

Seduction Secrets

Seduction Secrets

You will discover some underground techniques that have been kept secret from you, and from other men, for a long time! This report is about to reveal those closely-guarded secrets -- so that you can wield the kind of seductive power that very few men have! Even if you're pretty good at seducing women right now, these secrets will take you up to a whole new level of power and success!

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