Stage 2 Progression

In order to reach your goal - seduction and sex - you must move consistently forward. Relentlessly forward. Unhesitatingly.

There is a pattern of sexual progression that will allow you to go from flirting all the way to sex with a woman, if you're persistent and flexible. I'm going to highlight the various steps along the way, and give you the pattern to work this plan from start to finish. It will always be up to you, however, to interpret your particular situation accordingly and act to get maximum results. You connect the dots with action between each stage, and you'll have success in getting more women into bed.

She expects you to keep moving forward with her until she stops you. If you don't keep progressing forward with the seduction, she will feel a disappointment and a letdown inside that will end your chances of sleeping with her. (Remember the analogy of the kite string. The kite crashes if you can't keep the right level of tension to keep it up in the air.)

So if you think that you can get laid by sitting back and taking it easy, you're wrong. She needs you to drive the Car of Seduction, and watch and listen for her subtle directions. She won't reach over and start steering for you, but she'll let you keep your foot on the gas as long as she feels safe about how you're handling the vehicle. And she's ready with her hand on the emergency brake for the slightest sign of hesitation or insecurity.

For another analogy, a seduction is like a tree. Every living tree is in a constant state of growth. If a tree isn't growing, it's dying.

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