Step 1 Interest Excitement and Attraction

Once you've made contact with a woman, your first goal is to get her as hot as you can - for you. Your seduction starts by warming up the steam engine on your train of seduction and getting the fires stoked good and hot.

You start by getting her interested in you, and building that into excitement and attraction. Once you have her attracted, you will move on to the next stage.

The first step is to approach her. That sounds a bit over simplified, but it's crucial that you walk up to her and start talking to her as quickly as possible. You know from the 3-second rule how important this is. The quicker you approach her, the more self-confident you appear to her.

So, during those three very short seconds, you quickly scan her for whatever catches your eye. Maybe it's her hair - it's platinum blonde. Or it's her sunglasses -they're some new European style. Or it's her shoes - they're thigh-high green suede. Whatever you spot, you can use the approach we discussed in the previous chapter on the Tease approach.

"Wow, those sure are ... interesting boots. My sister would love a pair like that. She likes that kind of thing. Where'd you get them?"

Your initial Interest/Excitement/Attraction with her starts with a fairly cocky approach that separates you from all those "Players" who walk up to her every day with their Rico Suave "I Wanna Get Laid" approach. You know that you have to spark her interest in a very short period of time, and get her excited and attracted to you. You accomplish this by being:

o Different - Separate yourself from the pack o Charming - Show your sophistication and attention to detail, which shows her that you consider her unique o Cool Confident - Show her a man that is not afraid o Funny - Demonstrate an ability to make her laugh, and that you don't take things so seriously o Mysterious - Leave her wondering and wanting more

Getting her interested is not difficult, especially if you've been working at all on your conversation and mystery skills, such as magic or palm-reading.

Getting her excited is a function of how much you put together all these various elements to raise her interest. Do you remember when everything was "X-treme" a few years back? This was how companies marketed things as cool and hip. Well, the more "X-treme" you can make your approach and talk with her (without seeming like a coked-up freak) the more you excite her. She sees promise and excitement with any guy who knows how to demonstrate his confidence quickly and convincingly.

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