Next, always make your approach a tease of a kind. You want to bust her chops and let her know that you're not trying to kiss her butt to make her approve of you. Teasing has the affect of exciting her, and deflects her attention from the fact that you're interested in her for sex.

Her number one concern is that you are ONLY interested in her for sex.

Keep the conversation moving in a "one-better" direction. What this means is that you want to keep jacking the energy level of your interaction with her into the flirting and charming territory with every step. You have to keep running with the ball, moving it forward and driving the excitement up.

Here's an example at a gym, where Joe Studley has just saved Maria's CD player from falling on the floor (or this could be any other favor, like wiping down the exercise equipment before her).

Maria: "Oh, really? Like what?"

Joe: "Well, what do you think you have that I could want?" (looking very uninterested in her body.)

Maria: "Oh, I'm sure I've got something you want."

Joe: "Nah, I don't think so. Unless you do engine work. Are you a mechanic by any chance?"

Maria: "Is that all you think I'm good for?" (Puts her hands on her hips)

Joe: "Hey, hold on there, sister. You sound like you're coming on to me!" (Smiling and obviously joking.)

Maria: "Not if you're looking for an auto mechanic." (Pretending to be hurt.)

Joe: "Now that's some gratitude for you. I save your music from total destruction and you can't even give me a kiss on the cheek."

Maria: "Oh, is that what you want? A kiss?"

Joe: "On second thought, no. You'd probably try to grab my butt. I'm tired of being a sex object. Forget that kiss."

Maria: "Aren't you cute." (She's starting to run out of steam to compete with him.)

Joe: "Cute? Girl, I'm damned adorable."

Maria: "And cocky, too. But I think you're funny."

Joe: "Now you're starting to see the light. Tell you what, give me your phone number, that way when I'm in the area, you can hire me to keep your delicate electronics from suffering a horrible death. Even if you are listening to Christina Aguilera. Deal?"

He hands her a pen and winks. She smiles and jots down her number.

Do you see how Joe never backed down from her? He kept up the energy level and made her more and more interested and excited by matching her response with one better, something funny and confident of his own. He never gave her that typical baloney about how beautiful she is, and how fit her body looks. Every moron in the world would have tried to suck up to her that way. Joe knows that you don't get into a beautiful woman's pants without challenging her view of you, and that you must keep your behavior different enough that she can't help but follow you into the seduction.

What will likely happen in the beginning is that a guy will think of one or two quick replies, but he might not be able to come back every time. The trick is to never back down as if she's beaten you. Instead, when you get to a wall in your ability to banter back and forth and you can't find something funny to tease her about, you redirect the conversation and stay in control.

Let's say that Joe couldn't think of something to reply to her about when she said, "Not if you're looking for an auto mechanic." He should fall back on a few prepared lines that still show he's in the game, but he hasn't got the time to play. This is what you do if you run out of teasing responses to her.

Here are a few of those responses for Joe's situation:

- "Well, before I overload you with my wit and charm, I have to get back to working out. Here, write down your phone number so I can give you some exercise tips sometime."

- OR, "Maybe you like your men greasy, I don't know. Hey, I hate to walk away when you're in the middle of flirting with me, but I have to get back to my exercise. What time are you done? Let's meet up afterwards and you can buy me a Gatorade. Deal?"

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