The Agenda Chick

She's only got one thing on her mind: Marriage and a family. She wants the SUV in the driveway, and her perfect little 2.4 children. The dog is yours, and if you ever get divorced, that's all you'll ever get out of the deal, because the kids will be hers. She's somewhere between 28 and 32 years old, and she's been subscribing to "Bridal Gown" and "Wedding" magazines since she was six years old. She watched all the Walt Disney movies and believed that her purpose in life was to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming, or find the right frog to kiss. When she saw that she was coming up on 30 without a fiancé, she started to feel some urgency.

Every woman has a little of the Agenda Chick in her. Society has programmed us to live out certain gender roles, and there really is nothing bad about her desire to get a husband and make a family. I'm only worried about those women who make this their whole reason for living, and may catch you up in their web. Some of these women have no life other than the search for their Prince Charming husband. What will usually happen later, after she gets a family and settles down, is that she'll suddenly realize that she "never took care of her own needs along the way." And one morning the man wakes up to find her filing for divorce because she figured out (at his expense) that this isn't "who she is."

Now, I realize you're probably not planning to jump into marriage quite yet, but I wanted to educate you to this type, because you may be tempted at some point. Women are also good at luring men into the trap of believing that marriage is the right thing for him when in fact it is not at all.

The Agenda Chick tends to date by guerrilla tactics. She is always on the hunt for Mr. Right. She will still sleep with men as any other sexually active woman would. But you do need to make sure that you never give her the impression that you're "looking to settle down" if you're not really going in that direction. Don't use any enticements toward commitment as a line to lure targets for seduction, because once Agenda Chick finds out you were lying, you could end up with an angry, vindictive, mommy-wannabe on your hands, trashing your name - and maybe your car. Remember that The Seduction Method is never about misleading or lying.

You'll be able to spot the Agenda Chick a mile away by the intenseness of her interest in you, and the way she seems to be sizing you up for a tuxedo. She will ask a

lot of questions about your background (relationships) and your future (desire for a family, wife, etc.)

One of the best Agenda questions you'll get is: "What's the longest relationship you've been in?" This is a test question meant to determine if you're dumb enough to tell her "Just one night at a time, honey!" or, "I'm looking for the love of my life, and to be with her until the end of time!"

What should your answer be?

First you ask her, "Why do you ask?" Don't let her duck this question out, because most of the time she'll feel silly when she realizes what she's asking, and that you see it. Then you keep controlling her with questions. Get her on the defense for asking such a silly test question. The only way to circumvent the Agenda Chick (or avoid the Agenda in all women) is to deflect with teasing and humor, and turn up her excitement and attraction at the same time. If you answer her questions and give her a reason to screen you out before you've established some chemistry, your seduction will fail.

o "You know, that seems to be rushing things a little, considering I hardly know you. Are you always so quick with guys you've just met?" Jokingly, of course.

o And when she presses further, "Wow, you sure have marriage on your mind, huh? Do you want to know my ring size? 'Cause honey, I want a big ol' diamond on my ring."

And when she keeps it up, you keep up the teasing.

Nowhere is your skill of controlling through questions more important than here. Redirect her questions, and be careful not to appear that you're avoiding them. The higher her agenda level, the more she will press you for answers.

If you are cornered and must answer her questions about your intent (because she is trying to screen out the "players"), you only need to tell her:

"Well, I can see that this is important to you. I'm not entirely sure if I'm ready to make a commitment right this minute, and I don't know what the future holds for either of us at this point. I have very high standards, and I'm looking for a woman who can meet them. Did you want to apply?" (Smile.)

Again, tease her relentlessly. Don't give her false hopes, and don't tell her absolutely no, either. The second you let her know definitively that you aren't looking for a long-term relationship, she'll cross you right out. Sometimes you just can't avoid this because she's gotten very good at sensing when a man is not ready to settle down and complete her Picture Perfect Life. Don't worry about it. Better to let her screen herself out of the picture before you have to.

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