The Angry Chick

She's got a red-hot chili pepper of hate stuck up her ass, and God help you if you try to dislodge it. She's sour and negative, and she's everything they meant when they invented the word "bitch." She likes to rage about things that she can't control (mostly because these are the things she knows she can't do anything about, so they're good to recycle over and over.)

Sometimes this anger spills over, turning her into a Man-Hater, but the Angry Chick is typically just pissed at the world. She's difficult to be around. She whines, she doesn't like it when things don't go her way, and she would never seriously date a guy she couldn't feel like she owned.

Depending on her level of anger, this is another woman that you may want to avoid. But if you can find the back door to get in behind her anger, you'll find that she's really just afraid. If you can find her Big Fear, you can break her down. Sometimes this just takes a level of patient listening and unemotional talking to get her to disclose what her Fear is.

Once you find it and speak to it, then you can be the man that reached her where no others have. She'll be putty in your hands.

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