The Big M

First of all, let's set one ground rule in particular. There are some women that you should obviously not bother to approach if you can recognize their status up front.

Some women wear this large precious stone (typically a diamond) on the third finger of their left hand. It's called a wedding ring. It means that she is emotionally and legally obligated (sometimes that emotional part vaporizes) to another man.

Yes, I suggest you ignore married women, guys. Take it from me, the first time an angry husband calls you in the middle of the night, you'll be wishing you stuck with the single women. I once had to change the name on the apartment directory where I lived because of this, and it's scary to walk outside wondering if there's going to be some guy waiting for you when you leave the house. Don't go there. Your peace of mind is much more valuable.

You can flirt with married women, but do not practice your seductions on them. Charm them and then network to their friends. If you do this right, they will hook you up with some incredible warm contacts to work your magic on.

Seduce Her With Laughter

Seduce Her With Laughter

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