The Bore

This woman is about as stimulating as a dentist appointment. She isn't very active, or animated. You'll find yourself supporting the conversation early on, because she really doesn't have much to say. Sometimes you might mistake a very shy girl as a bore initially, just from her discomfort in trying to keep up a conversation. Once you find the right buttons, however, a shy girl will find her way of showing her personality. The bore, on the other hand, is quiet because she doesn't have anything to say. Her hobbies are bland, and her personality is even blander.

The good thing about the bore is that she usually isn't neurotic enough to make your job of seduction very difficult. If you can show her a fun time, you stand a good chance of turning her on. Be careful not to overwhelm her with your technique, if this is the case. You'll have to work much harder to get the feedback you need to keep the seduction going in the right direction. Be careful about ignoring signals and things she says, because you might not get enough to really understand her mood and use your

Occupation skills. On the plus side, you probably won't have to put out as much energy in the seduction.

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How To Attract and Seduce Asia Women

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