The Crazy Chick

I warned you about this one. Stay away from the crazy broads.

But, if you still want to try ... don't say I didn't warn you. She will probably respond to some of your techniques, but not all. She might jump right into bed with you and tear you up. She might let you get most of the way, and then freak out and have a core meltdown while you're putting on the condom. You might get some easy sex, but it's the aftermath that could leave you in a scene out of a movie like "Fatal Attraction" or "Vanilla Sky."

The crazy ones are never grounded very well, and it's usually easy to spot. She will impress you at the start as being different, but not in a way you can put your finger on. Here are some red-flag indicators that the woman you're dealing with is not entirely stable:

o No ties to family - and has especially bad relations with one parent o Her friends are strange, if she has any o Her behavior is erratic and unpredictable - suddenly violent o You discover that she's taking strong medications, like Zoloft, or combinations of anti-depressants o She is eager to do things that most women are normally cautious of, such as coming right over to your house after just meeting you o She has no real belief system or "grounding"

The crazy ones are out there, and you never know when you'll encounter one. Some women will just be temporarily insane, usually after a really ugly breakup or other emotional situation. The general rule of thumb is that most women don't really have it together any more than guys do, so don't fall for that old quote about "women mature faster than men." From my experience, maturity, at least by this definition, does not mean she's more stable or competent at running her own life.

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