The Cycle of Opportunity

There is a cycle of her emotional state, and catching her in the right place is an essential part of your seduction strategy. If you catch her in a down-cycle - where her emotions are a bit low and she's not able to play with you - you run the risk of either wasting your time on someone who's emotionally preoccupied or too vulnerable. Most often, a seduction will fail here as you get near the point of complete submission, only to have her crying in your arms over her issues and problems.

On the other hand, if she's on the up-cycle, you'll have a much greater chance of completing the seduction. You should feel out her mood with your initial questions as soon as you meet her. Asking her about her day is usually enough, but you might be able to detect an undercurrent of bitchiness working beneath the surface. It doesn't take long to figure out where a woman's mood is, and whether or not you'll be able to break her free from it. Generally speaking, you can influence her mood only so far (Sphere of Influence). But if you can get her to forget her troubles for a while, this can serve as a romantic escape for her that she will not want to leave.

At its core, seduction is also about creating a magical escape for her. It's like a fairytale wonderland, where she gets to escape from her "real" world and join you in a fantasy. If she's just unhappy enough where she is before you came along, she will not want to shatter the illusion that you weave around her. Use this to your advantage.

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