The Gspot

Most men have at least heard of the G-spot. It's called the G-spot because of Dr. Ernest Grafenberg ("Grafenberg Spot", G-spot, get it?) who 'discovered' the location as part of a frigidity study. Thank you, Dr. G. Now let us guys take over and put this to good use.

The G-spot is a small area of a woman's vagina that is extremely sensitive to stimulation. You may have heard women refer to "inside" and "outside" orgasms, and typically they are referring to the source of their climax. (Yeah, it sucks. Women not only get powerful multiple orgasms, but they get different varieties, too. Being a woman has its compensations, I suppose.)

So what do you do with the G-spot? Who has a G-spot? How do you find it? Why is it worth seeking at all?

Let me address that last question first: Why find the g-spot at all?

If you've ever stimulated a woman to orgasm in this zone, you know that it's the most intense pleasure you can give her. It is the "inside" variety orgasm, and it often leaves a woman breathless (if not unconscious.) If she has a g-spot, it is definitely worth finding and using.

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