The Intellectual

This woman thinks too much. Way too much. She intellectualizes everything, and analyzes so much it makes you sick. She even thinks about her thinking all the time, and she's probably in some form of therapy. She takes forever to make up her mind, because she wants all the facts, and she hates not having thought it through. (Though, she can be occasionally impulsive, usually while shopping.) She loves those Merchant & Ivory movies that require three hours of intellectual discussion afterwards, and she wrinkles her nose up at any action flick that you want to see.

At first, this woman seems very disconnected from her female traits. But underneath her brilliance is a repressed sexuality that is desperate to find its way out. She probably started masturbating early, and is very knowledgeable about sex, even if she's a bit scared to go out and engage in it instead of her usual habit of sitting home with a good book. She's just uncomfortable with the initial layer of interaction necessary to demonstrate her sexuality.

You start your seduction with her by stimulating her wits. If you can turn her brain on, the rest of her body will follow. You have to be able to understand the topics she likes to talk about, but you also have to be able to control the conversation to pull her over into the more erotically charged areas. Don't sit there talking about African art all night if you can slide the conversation into a discussion of erotic African art.

You can fake it with an intellectual women in some cases simply by getting her to talk about the topic at hand and asking questions along the way that are at least slightly intelligent. She will be excited just by the opportunity to have a man sit there and appear to get an erection from hearing her talk instead of watching her undress. She will probably be most responsive to appreciation of her intellect first, and her body second. She probably doesn't consider herself as physically attractive as she actually is.

Chances are, though, if you sense this woman is too far out of your intellectual league, she'll see right through you. She's not going to be content to talk about the science of beer fermentation for very long. Decide whether you have a real shot at her, or bail before you get in over your head.

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