The Kiss

The next most important touch is the kiss. Kissing her is the first sure-fire indicator that she's digging you.

I can't address all the circumstances you might be in where you need to go for the kiss, but I can give you the general rules. A kiss is warranted when:

o You've already established some contact by touching her hands, arm, or back in some way.

o You're reasonably sure that she's digging you, by her verbal and body language indicators.

o You're also pretty sure that she's willing to keep moving forward with you at this point; i.e., she has no trust issues to resolve with you.

You're going to have to at least get her away from her friends (unless they are already off making out with other people.) The woman will have to be in a situation where she will not feel self-conscious of other women or friends seeing her. This is why you need to keep disconnecting her from outside observation until, eventually, it's only you and her.

I can't tell you how this will work for every woman, since this depends largely on these factors:

o Her trust for you o Her attraction to you o How strong the Slut Complex affects her o How safe she feels o How she feels about public displays of affection

Some women have no problem getting a physical in public with a man. Some are just too shy and self-conscious to ever allow it. You must use your Occupation skills to determine where the woman you are with stands with this before you jump forward to start kissing her.

The process to progress from your initial approach and interest/excitement/attraction is nothing more than constantly watching your interactions with the woman. You use all the strategies you've learned so far to keep the conversation light, funny, and playful. You keep the excitement level rising by using charged words, double entendres, and other conversational tricks. You keep up the enchantment for her by using things like palm reading, magic tricks, and open-ended exploratory questions. Control the conversation, and keep teasing her.

Same formula, nothing new. Just keep raising the sexual tension along the way.

When it's time, there are a couple tests you can use to tell if a woman is ready to be kissed by you. The easiest is the Hair Test. When you're ready to give the test, you just reach over and touch her hair. You say, "I really like the color of your hair. Does it feel as good as it looks?" (And then you touch it and feel it between your fingers.) If she doesn't make a move to pull away, or she looks excited by your touching her hair and being in her personal space, she's probably ready. If, on the other hand, she jerks away, or looks very uncomfortable with you, you need to step back and establish some more interest, excitement, and attraction.

Another test to see if she's ready to be kissed is called the Whisper Test. What you do is you find a good time to tell her something very quietly and privately. You should have something funny (and even teasing) to say to her. You motion to her to come closer. You put your hand on her upper arm or back, and you whisper something in her ear:

o "Psst ... I think you've got a piece of food in your teeth."

o "Psst ... I think I saw a woman over there checking you out. Do you want me to introduce you?"

You want to watch her body language and see how she reacts to your intrusion into her personal space. If she seems eager to get closer, you're probably good for a kiss. If she seems very nervous or tense from your getting close, you'll have to step back again.

(Note: Make sure you don't hit her with some foul garlic or beer-breath when you get in close. Use a mint if you have to. And make sure you've got good cologne on so she can catch your scent.)

Kissing Rules:

o Just brush her lips with yours the first time you go for the kiss, then pull back slightly. This move will drive her crazy.

o Make sure your lips are soft and moist. Use Chapstick or some lip balm. Chapped lips will totally kill the moment.

o Start out very soft and understated. Hold back on the tongue.

o Do not push your tongue in her mouth. Let hers come to meet yours o No teeth. Ever. No biting tongues or lips, or licking her teeth.

o Slow down. You can't kiss too slowly for a woman. Most men will dart their tongue in and out of her mouth like a frog trying to pull dinner in. When I say slow, I mean: ... s - l - o - w

o Do not attempt to wrap your arms around her during the kiss. Too scary. Just lean in and kiss.

o Do not mash your face on hers. Pretend your lips are like a paintbrush, and you are just dabbling across the canvas. And don't kiss all over her face, either. Stay within the lines of her lips.

o Avoid heavy saliva. Don't leave her any moister than you have to. She should never have to wipe her face afterwards.

o Use your hands during the kiss, but in a provocative way. I like to take one hand and use it to push us apart gently when the kiss is getting intense. When you can demonstrate the will to push her away, she'll go nuts. You can also use a free hand to cradle the back of her neck, right below where her hair starts growing. Run your fingers gently into her hair and you'll send a chill up and down her body.

o Stop kissing her before she stops you. If she has to end the kiss, her interest will dip slightly. Remember the number one rule of show business: "Always leave them wanting more."

Other Good Kiss Maneuvers:

o Kiss her on the neck, either just below her ear or on the back, under her hair. One quick, slightly moist kiss here will heat her up like nothing else.

o Occasionally, if it's a good make-out session, you grab her lower lip between your lips and give it a tug.

o Draw her tongue into your mouth from time to time. It takes a little practice, but you can lure her over to your side. This lets her be the dominant one for a while.

o Every so often, take a breather and kiss her hand in a very slow, sensual way. The way to turn her on is by tempting her without letting her think you're going to go all the way.

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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