The Man Hater

Watch out for her abuse. She'll get off on self-righteous rants about how men rape and kill everything while women nurture the world with the honey milk from their bosom. She's a feminazi, and the only reason she dates men is to put them in their place, and get herself off before she realizes she's actually having sex with a man. She believes all the media stories about men being the violent horrible part of the world, and thinks we're the source of all human race's problems. She's different than the Angry Chick because she's only angry with men, but that one chip on her shoulder weighs her down like a boat anchor.

Society is, in large part, male oriented, though this is changing in many parts of the world. Still, this does not validate the Man Hater's agenda. She'll love a man that seems to take up the cause of correcting this injustice with her, but she'll want you to start wearing skirts and basically be her bitch.

Seducing the extreme Man-Hater is often too painful to pursue. You can't seduce her by confronting her beliefs, so the only way in is to entertain her notions without sacrificing your own. The way past her hate-shield is usually through humor - a lot of humor. If you can get her to laugh, you can get her to let her guard down. In women who have milder cases of Man-Hate going on, you can always defuse it by playing along in a humorous way. "I thought I'd take you over to my apartment and talk about everything that's shaped like a penis. Then we could look up under-appreciated female role models on the web. Sound good?" You'll have to be very sensitive about how you present this humor. If she's too rigid, you'll have a tough time.

There's also the Unspoken Man-Hater, who will never tell you directly that she doesn't like men, but you can read her attitude a mile away by the way she treats them. She's probably going to turn lesbian just based on principle.

Sometimes you'll find the Man-Hater is just covering up her own gender confusion. She had poor female role models as a child, and now she doesn't know where to fit in as a woman. So, she targets the easiest thing to identify with, which is how men are bad and women are good.

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

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