The Other Man Woman

One of the trickier situations to work through is if a woman knows you're seeing another woman, or if you know she's seeing another man. Both can be overcome, though, and here's how:

For the target that is aware of your interest in another woman, even if the other woman is only short-term, you need to make sure never to discuss or validate her with your target. The point in seduction is to get your target wanting you so badly that she doesn't even care if you're gay. Get the target's desire raised to the temperature of a four-alarm fire, and you've got her moving in the right direction. Her objections (which she will voice from time to time when she's troubled by her conscience, or she just wants to test you) will focus around the other woman, but what she really wants to know is if she has a chance of having you all to herself. As long as she is challenged by your lack of availability (and your target will already be curious because of the other woman's interest in you - remember, social proof) she will hang in there. You never answer her questions about the other woman, and you never get lured into a debate over the good or bad points of the other woman. Instead, turn it back around on her.

Her: "So what about Kim? Are you still seeing her?"

You: "Why? Are you interested in a threesome or something? You women are perverts."

And she'll press you harder: "Very funny. No, really, what about Kim? What are your feelings for her?"

And you follow up with: "No, really, I'm beginning to think you've got a crush on me. Why are you so concerned with other women? You want me all to yourself?"

(She might be stomping her feet about now, pouting and whining that she's not getting her way. Boo-hoo...)

She'll ask again: "Right. So, are you sleeping with Kim? What's going on with you two?"

And you reply: "Hey, you do want me, don't you? You're jealous of Kim aren't you? Come on, tell the truth."

If you keep this up long enough, your target will eventually drop the subject. Women can sense when there's an answer lurking around the corner that they do not want to hear. The real point of her questioning you like this was not to find out about Kim; it was for her subconscious attraction mechanism, to hear how you would answer. If you said you weren't seeing Kim, the target would have lost her challenge from you and her attraction. If you said you were seeing Kim, you'd probably keep some of her attraction, but you risk her pulling out of the race because she'd feel slutty going after another woman's man. (But, depending on how you frame it, she also might want to keep up the pursuit. Some women love the thought of stealing someone else's catch.) Remember, this is a no-win question. Deflect and avoid.

In the other situation - when the woman you want is already seeing another guy - you are in a very difficult (but not impossible) situation to overcome. Don't plan on easy success if the other guy is doing really well at keeping this woman challenged and interested. If she's still in the process of chasing him around, you will have a very difficult time getting enough of her attention to completely seduce her. (This is why, if you want to keep a woman interested in you, keep her chasing you. She only has enough attention and energy for one man at a time.)

Luckily, though, this is rarely the case. Most guys do only what they need to in order to get the woman, and then they proceed to screw it up by not paying enough attention to keep her along the way. Their neglect is your opportunity. And, since most women are waiting for the right man to come along before they jump, you'll find a lot of opportunity in the ignorance of other men. (Just remember that you don't want to target any women who are dating any of your good male friends. A loyal guy friend is worth a dozen - or more - seductions.)

Many women will even look for a man to seduce her so she can get out of her previous relationship. She is looking for your opportunity.

First, when you find a woman who interests you as a target, you'll need to do a little detective work. You need to find out what her current relationship is not giving her. This usually isn't very difficult, since complaints are often the first thing out of her mouth when she's unhappy. You use this as your starting point, wherever it may be.

Be careful, though. You need to separate her genuine discontent from the routine bitching and moaning that almost every woman does about her man. (Complaining about relationships is what keeps the drama in it for women.) The false signals of her unhappiness are the ones that are usually general and vague, and you can read right through these to her true feelings. What is most important is to listen to how she expresses her discontent, not what she says. If she seems genuinely pissed off at him, and cannot stop complaining, she is probably a likely seduction target, especially if you can move in under her radar. (As I told you, sometimes this is even a hint to other men to move in as a possible replacement.) If, on the other had, she complains a little, and then falls back to compliments, or just neutral talk about him, she's probably just putting it out there as an indicator that she's already taken. You can still pursue her, but it would be better to spend your energy on a woman that is actually available.

Once you've discovered her complaints about him and where things are lacking, you need to find out how to satisfy whatever need she is expressing. Keep in mind that her words rarely express the true need, however. If she says she wants him to "romance" her more, she may just be saying that she misses that excitement she remembers from the start of the relationship. In that case, you do NOT want to start "romancing" her in the traditional sense. Do not start buying her flowers and sending her cards in an attempt to win her affection. You need to flirt hard, tease her to challenge her self-opinion and get her to need your approval. You need to be the challenge that her boyfriend is unable to offer her. Read beneath her words to find the real lack.

Be sure to take advantage of the "takeaway" or denial tactic we discussed earlier to get her wanting what she doesn't have. Show her that you can give her what she wants, and don't give it to her right away. Women love a good challenge, and you need to flaunt the challenge to her. Don't let her feel like she's getting you too easily, or you will feel just like her current relationship. You want her excited, not bored. From there, it's up to you how far to pursue it.

A final note of warning: Some guys don't take kindly to Don Juans coming in and stealing their women. Do yourself a favor and find out a little about the other man before you start to step in. You don't want to find out later that he's a Navy Seal, and that he takes pleasure in skinning and gutting men who hit on his girl.

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You need to be prepared for the time when you will have to call it quits with whatever woman you are with. Of course, you may decide to keep her on for longer than the initial sex romp. She might even end up dumping you first.

The best precaution is to have your exit strategy planned in advance.

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