The Romantic

This woman has read every Harlequin romance ever written. She gets teary at the slightest mention of Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan. She really believes all the Cinderella programming she got as a kid, and she thinks that someday her Prince Charming really will sweep her away. This doesn't stop her from dating casually. And she will be a very good seduction target, as long as you don't tear down the Veil of Romantic Illusion for her.

Show her the Latin Lover type, who is attentive and talks in poetry. She will feed you the information you need along the way that will help you complete the picture for her. Talk a lot about destiny, and use the horoscope/fortune-telling angle as much as you can. Mystery and charm will be your allies.

Beware the older version of The Romantic: The Disillusioned Romantic, the woman that's been around the block and is now so cynical that you swear she sweats vinegar. She is a killjoy. She talks about when she used to believe in love and romance, but now she just lives through her old movies and wishful thinking. You can still get back in her graces and seduce her if you can reach through her cynical nature and show her a gentleman that can please her. Prove that you're different than the rest.

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How to Find, Meet, and Seduce Women

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