The Seduction Types

Part of your Sharpening is to be able to recognize types. Now, I don't like to generalize, but in reality, we need shortcuts to help us sort and apply rules when we encounter certain kinds of women.

Women come in all different sizes, flavors, and colors. You probably already know your physical type, but do you know how to handle women's personality types to maximize your seduction effectiveness?

The following women are the various types you'll encounter, and I'll give you some information on overcoming their unique challenges. I'm presenting their negative traits so that you'll keep your perspective. A lot of guys go out to seduce women and have a good time, and they end up getting pulled into a nasty long-term relationship because they let a woman's good qualities blind them to all her red flags. Stay level headed and in control of your emotions.

Generally speaking, you want a woman with a good sense of humor as your seduction target. The more uptight and difficult she is (i.e., bitchy), the more she'll affect your_attitude. I don't care how beautiful a woman is; if she gets under my skin and annoys me more than she brings joy into my life, she needs to be playing for someone else's team. No orgasm in the world is worth that kind of poison in my life. I suggest you set a conscious limit on this for yourself, too. Sometimes the negative affects of pursuing a seduction outweigh the positive, even if you do get a little sex out of the deal.

Your attitude is the most important thing you have. Do not jeopardize it.

Remember, as we go through these categories, that there are an infinite number of personalities out there. Sometimes you'll meet a woman that is a mixture of one or more of these types, and you'll know it by understanding her characteristics. Learn these well, for knowing how to identify and handle them is your key to being a Seduction Master.

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