It's common knowledge that just about every woman has a little plastic friend to get her through her "dry" spells. I won't even go near the jokes about why they find toys better than men, because every woman agrees that nothing feels the same as the real thing. However, her dildos and vibrators can be your friends in the sexual process, taking a lot of pressure off of you to stay hard for an hour while she gets warmed up.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is that when a woman uses vibrators and other toys frequently, they tend to make her much more conditioned to that specific stimulation to get off. Every woman I have ever talked to about this has agreed that using a vibrator makes getting an orgasm with just normal stimulation a lot more difficult. Be aware that if she uses a vibrator frequently, you will probably have a lot more difficult time getting her off.

Things to avoid:

o Don't go looking for her toy stash. This could be very embarrassing for her.

o Don't pull out your own stash of strap-on donkey dicks unless you've had a little discussion and she's open to using them.

o Don't make fun of anything she might show you, no matter how weird.

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