We need reminding as much as we need educating

Read this book at least five or more times to become familiar with the content. I repeat critical concepts several times, but you should still re-read it several times over. Print the book out on paper and put it in a binder if you have to. Read it actively, which means to have a highlighter and a pen or pencil in your hand the whole time you're going through the book. Use post-it notes to mark areas of importance. Scribble comments in the margin.

Be sure to keep a journal of your seduction experiences so that you can learn from your own efforts along the way. You'll find your own insights exceptionally valuable as you start to use your head and critically think about how you interact with women and how they react. You'll discover most of your areas to improve simply by being willing to take a detached viewpoint and review your performance, revising your strategies where necessary.

To help you see how this self-analysis works, I've included a segment near the end called "Anatomy of a Seduction." This section details a true story of a seduction, and how I analyzed the performance to yield an understanding of what worked and what didn't. You'll see just what happened that night, along with the techniques this guy used to overcome challenges. Then, I'll also discuss how to "Sharpen" your saw for each further seduction attempt, because one of the most important skills you can develop is your own ability to improve yourself.

Most men go after women with brute force, meaning that they do what they think women want, never really considering if what they're doing actually works or what the affects of their actions may be. An expert at seduction will always use what he knows, observe the results, and think about his next step.

I was divided as to how I wanted to present this material, so you may see some topics that seem presented out of order, but actually aren't. You see, there are two parts to teaching this Seduction Method:

o The first part is the foundational concepts that you must learn and use all along the way. Things like using seductive language, and teasing, etc.

o The second part is where you actually implement them in a systematic seduction attempt on a woman.

So, while there are many techniques you must learn how to use in general, there are also those you learn to use in a specific order. You'll understand this more fully after you've gone through this material the first time.

You'll also notice that I use movie references quite a bit in this book. I find that movies have a great way of showing us truths we often overlook. I hope you'll indulge my pop-culture references.

There are a few small sections in this book that have been re-printed from The Dating Black Book by Christian De Meco and enhanced for this book (see recommended reading for more information.) These concepts were vitally important to the understanding of female motivation in seduction, so I included a couple of these principles here, with permission and under the understanding that they had to be revised for use in this seduction program. So, if by chance you own that book, don't worry. The content here is tailored just for us and The Seduction Method.

Note: The hypothetical woman we are using as a seduction example in this book is assumed to be the most reluctant of all targets. In some cases, a woman will not be this difficult, but you must assume she will be at the start. If she makes your job easier, so much the better. But for the sake of learning, we have to consider that you will usually run into women who will not necessarily be eager to sleep with a man quickly. We'll cover more about the female mindset along the way. Just remember that I've written this information to cover the most difficult circumstances you will probably encounter.

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