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First of all, I won't kid you - Mark had an advantage going into this situation. Betty and Mark had had previous interactions with each other, which let him work a little of the Seduction Method in advance. But on the other hand, she was very familiar with Mark, and that also worked against him. This also shows an example of how you can take a situation where a woman is already familiar with you and turn it into an opportunity for seduction, even if it's a couple months down the road.

Challenge - During the time they worked together, Mark never treated Betty like she was going to get special or preferential treatment for her beauty. She may have been a 10, but she never knew Mark thought she was. "In fact, I made it a point to let her know that she would have to prove herself just as much because of her beauty. And I know it frustrated her to no end that I wouldn't just give in and let her get her way all the time." Mark was also one of the few people there who dared to take her on when she got into her bitchy moods. Even when she pulled it on the night of their seduction meeting.

"She knew I wasn't like all of the other schmucks who got down on their knees. I made sure she knew that no matter how much she thought she was beautiful and irresistible, I wasn't so sure that she was."

Confrontation - The willingness to take her on as an adversary - worked to demonstrate Mark's willingness to confront Betty. She was always ready to get into an argument or fight, and she thrived on that kind of contention. Mark understood her personality from observing her enough that this wasn't a bad thing. Most guys avoid confrontation with a woman, and I'm sure Betty's dates did, too. What she found most attractive was someone who could fight with her and knew how to guide all her angry feline attitude in the right direction.

Contradiction - Another strategy that was effective on this night was not going along with her suggestion for a place to eat, even if he had found it a perfectly acceptable place to go. Women are not attracted to men that they can control. Even if you eventually give in, you only have to demonstrate that you're not going to change your mind or blindly follow her just for her approval. Once you've shown that you're not a sheep, you can "give in" however you see fit. Don't be difficult, but be different.

This key strategy worked for Mark especially with Betty's personality: "I was always sure to express a differing viewpoint whenever I could, but never getting into an argument over the issue." Arguments become ego brawls, and you never win. Even if you win the argument, you lose the seduction because her ego feels bruised, and she isn't going to be attracted to a guy who is into combat. She only wants playful scuffles, like the nature shows you see where the tiger cubs play-fight with each other.

Unavailable - "My situation with Betty was also enhanced by her perception of my availability. As long as we worked together, she knew I was only willing to look -not touch. She saw me date other women, too. All she could do was imagine how it would be, and that drove up her desire."

Remember, when you present a challenge to a woman from the start, with a little mystery, it's like a high performing stock that appreciates for you, even when you're not paying attention. She does all the work for you with her fantasies and daydreaming. Isn't that beautiful?

Persistence - The most important thing that worked was sticking with the seduction, even in the face of setbacks and frustration. Mark could easily have given up on her at several points through the night, but he kept on going.

"She was difficult the whole night through. During the drinks, and during dinner, and at her house. She put up plenty of obstacles to my success throughout the evening, and at no point did I treat her resistance as a xNo, I'm not having sex with you tonight' reply."

He treated them as you would a set of orange cones you weave in and out of in an obstacle course with your car. If you miss one cone, no big deal. You spot the next one and navigate past it as if nothing had happened before. If you panic and start looking in your rear-view mirror at that last cone you missed, you're bound to run over the next one, and the next one, and your downward spiral will continue until you're off the course, or burning in ditch full of flaming Detroit metal.

I've discussed this seduction not to brag about Mark's accomplishment, because that's not what it's all about in the end. I wanted to give you an understanding that this stuff works in real life, and the Seduction Method is effective. I hope by going through this analysis I've helped your understanding as well.

Advanced obstacles and their solutions:

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