What you say is not as important as how you say it

If you can communicate that a self-confident and trustable man is communicating with her, you will have dismissed a great deal of her subconscious fears.

Let me cover how I've broken down these approaches:

o Goals: These are your possible objectives for the encounter. You can't expect to pick up a woman at a Wal-mart and take her home for sex. That's not very realistic. But you can expect to get at least a phone number, and possibly an add-on coffee meeting somewhere nearby. Make sure you understand your goals for each situation.

o Opportunities: These are the areas you should be aware of in this situation that make it a good place to approach a woman.

o Dangers: These are the potential obstacles and risks of this location that you should watch out for.

o Approach: This is the specific wording of your interaction with her and how you perform it to get the best results.

o Details: This will tell you how you want to dress, or whether or not a wingman will help, etc.

Be Yourself Seduction

Be Yourself Seduction

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