Whoops Too Slow Couldnt Get it Up

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes Mr. Happy just stays asleep, and you can't wake him up. Yes, depending on how much build up you've had to the main event, sometimes your dick just decides that it's a good time to just hang around. Some common causes:

o Psychological Pressure - The most common reason for impotence is almost always psychological. The man is putting too much pressure on himself to perform. Again, this is purely mental, and is nothing to worry about. When you can relax, you'll find that your boy will stand at attention with no problem.

o Too Much Alcohol/Drugs - As I said before, alcohol can relax you, but it also can relax you way too much to perform. Drunk sex (the times I can remember) is always the craziest, but the least enjoyable overall. If you can't get your batter up, you should lean back on the alcohol and other recreational drugs. Hey, seduction is hard enough without an altered consciousness.

o Physiological Dysfunction - This is much less likely than the other reasons, but if you suspect a problem that is physical, go see a urologist. (That would be a Dick-Doctor, Bob.)

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