You see seduction is nothing more than a highly charged emotionally persuasive sales job

Women want exactly the same things you do: sexual experience, unchained from all the repression and guilt. They want to sleep with you and enjoy physical pleasure. They just have different social, psychological, and instinctual expectations. We will explore these in this book, as well as discuss the methods of overcoming them so that you both can get what you want.

Here's how we're going to learn The Seduction Method:

o How to prepare for seduction - what to think, wear, and have to be ready o We'll go through some basic psychological principles of women (and men) that will explain what the thought process is going on behind the scenes o We'll go over a simple seduction plan that every man can use to increase his sexual success o We'll discuss many of the situations you'll find yourself in, and how to handle them o We'll give you specific strategies and tactics to handle situations as they come up - including phrases and the exact words o We'll review an actual seduction situation and break down what works and what didn't work o We'll even discuss sexual performance and how you can become a good lover

Let's get a few things straight. Men do not want only sex. But we do want it sooner and with fewer commitments. Most women treat us as if we're "wrong" for this desire, but it's actually not a matter of "right" and "wrong." It's a matter of doing what you want, with no guilt or manipulation from others to mess with your head. Don't let women make you feel dirty or shameful for wanting sex. It's another manipulation.

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