Your car is a smaller version of your house, so you want to follow the same general rules. Keep it clean on the inside and outside. If anything obvious is broken with your car, like the windows or the door latches, fix them. You don't have to have a Ferrari, but you should have a fully functional car. Make sure you have the following in your car at all times:

o Good music in the CD player o A little extra money in the visor for emergency gas or tolls o Your overnight bag o Extra condoms o Gum/breath mints o Maps, so you don't get lost going wherever you're taking her o A real spare tire (not one of those temporary tires), jumper cables, and a small set of tools - just in case you need to help her out o Blankets for an improvisational picnic or laying out under the stars o Deodorizer (hidden, not one of those dumb pine trees or fuzzy dice on your rear-view mirror.)

o Pen and paper o Charger for your cell phone o Napkins and tissues in your glove box o A towel o Casual clothes, if you're prone to dressing up and going out

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