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The only thing better than you going down on her, or her going down on you, is both of you going down on each other at the same time. It's not hard to work in some 69 action into your sexual encounter. If she goes down on you, and she isn't too far out of reach, you can initiate a 69 by just reaching over and stimulating her with your fingers. Once she starts to respond, you pull her closer, and move in closer to her, until you can start to use your mouth on her.

There are variations of the 69, such as the side-by-side, and the girl-on-top, and the guy-on-top. When you are on top, you have to be careful not to thrust and gag her while she's working on you.

I'll also admit, it's hard to keep your concentration while doing a 69. Neither one of you is focused on doing your best oral work while you're trying to enjoy the sensation of the other person's work. However, it is still very enjoyable. And it ensures that both people get their pleasure in the process. You may want to offer a 69 to a woman as a way to initiate getting some oral sex, since you'll be demonstrating that you can both trade the favor.

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