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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

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5 Minute Learning Machine

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5 Minute Learning Machine Summary

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Author: Jack Singer
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The Path Of The Artist

Concrete state of language, nothing in this world stays the same. Did you know that every 7 years, all of the cells in your body have been replaced In other words, you are a completely different person every 7 years Every day we change but the mind is the one thing that can stay rigid and unyielding your whole life. I would say that not only confidence, but personal evolution comes from mastering this internal dialogue, changing your thought patterns and at times being able to shut them down completely. Some accomplish this through meditation, others through music and art, others through physical exertion. I like to combine all three and dance personally, but as I said before, there are many paths to finding your true self. The first step here is to become aware that you have mental noise pollution. Pay attention to your thoughts Make it a habit to ask yourself Where am I and What time is it The answer should always be Here & Now . Anytime you find your thoughts drifting to another...

Assignment For Lesson Three

We gave you eight magic phrases earlier in this Lesson to start you out. Here are those eight magic phrases again, plus five more you should memorize Once you've memorized these phrases, practice using them in conversations. The easiest way is to practice them with one of your friends. The Art Of Waffling is of course much broader than that. But memorizing and practicing the thirteen magic phrases will give you an excellent start and will put you in good stead when dating.

Making up for missed opportunities

If working out a month's worth of opportunities is a bit challenging for your memory, during your next 'typical' day, count the number of potential chances you have to make friendly contact - include anything from a smile, hello, or eyebrow flash (you can find out about eyebrow flashing and other ways to use your eyes to advantage in Chapter 7) - and multiply this number by 30 to get a good estimate.

The Conversational Style of an Alpha

I subscribe to a dictionary email list that sends you a new word every day. I've found this is the easiest way to expand my vocabulary. It's not something that you can do passively you need to use this new word somehow to make it stick in your head. Otherwise, it will just fall out of your short-term memory and you'll lose it for good. Find a way to put new words into use as soon as you learn them to ensure their retention.

Understanding 4 Feelings Before Words

What's usually going on for these beginners is that the patterns are descriptions of experiences they themselves have never imagined or had. So naturally, they just seem like they are reciting empty words with NO meaning. These poor guys are so focused on memorizing the words, they haven't put any focus into getting some of the feelings. You see, if you have never had a peak experience and haven't even imagined having one, it is pretty hard to sound convincing or to be captivating talking about it. It's just empty words with nothing to back it up. Sort of like the Japanese singing duo from the 70's, Pink Lady . These two lovely Japanese girls understood not ONE word of English. But they were a big hit on the talk show circuit, singing English songs which they memorized purely by sound, the joke being how they obviously did not understand one single syllable of what they were singing

Understanding 6 The Two Ways In Which Patterns Work

Anchor her deeper responses with a touch or a glance or a sound or preferably all three at the same time and FEED back her own personal trance words into the standard patterns you have memorized When you use HER own words, remember she not only doesn't resist, but these words act as signals to further awaken these deeper structures in her mind. You can then link these structures to you and amplify these things and show her how to experience them more vividly, profoundly and enjoyably then she ever has before That is the key to seduction genius and power

Understanding And Remembering

If you are not understanding well as you read, don't slow down When you try to remember, just do the best you can. Pull anything you can out of your memory. Guess at it, but keep up your reading speed. Your understanding will come. You have to give your subconscious mind time to accept this new way of seeing and understanding. KEEP UP THE PACE.

Situation 3 On the Street

This is a method of understanding how to meet women any time and any place. All you need to do is open your eyes and set aside about 4 minutes (or less) to talk to her, (if that long). This approach will work anywhere you see a woman, and it doesn't require you to memorize a bunch of secret handshakes or hypnotic trance words.

Situation 4 Singles Bar nondance

As always, a woman never wants to feel like you are interested in her solely to have sex with her. You have to make her feel good enough about you - and her - to go along with your seduction. You can best pull this off by teasing her and busting her chops. You'll want to memorize these approaches, as well as create some of your own to use. The more you practice in this environment, the better you'll get.

Practicing Remembering

Do the same thing again, with another paragraph, in another part of your book. Do not go back to what you read to test your memory. Just tell yourself to remember. Keep practicing this way. Don't go back Make your mind remember by telling it to remember. All of your new skills will be developed only through practice, practice, practice.

First Channel Eye Contact

Often, the girl will toss the question back. You reply simply and casually as possible. Well, where are you working at now I worked my way out of working. And then you go to the next question. Don't worry, she will ask it again if she wants to know. I like to give yes answers to their questions. One girl went, Are you going to college Yes. Next year, when she saw me she knew to ask, Where are you going to college When women like a guy, they remember everything about him.

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Notice how, before charging in like a bull elephant, David spends a moment (despite his anxiety) carefully taking note of something either about her or their surroundings that he can either comment on or compliment her on. It is critical that you learn to think on your feet like this your display of clever observation and pre-thought comes across as being very classy and is highly impressive. Nothing is more of a turn-off to women than some canned opening line that you obviously memorized out of some shitty pick-up book that you probably bought from one of my competitors (Serves you right, you bastard )

Male Female Communications

Deflection or evasion with humor is another important concept. Women will ask you questions all the time. As a general rule, you never answer a woman's questions directly until you are sure you know what they are really asking you. Most of her questions will be probes and will even intentionally provoke you on occasion. You must use some self-discipline to insert that pause between stimulus and response so that you do not get misled. I have added an appendix of how to answer these questions. I suggest you memorize them and make them your own.

Practice Practice Practice or Get tig Good at The Rules

Once you're truly convinced you need Die Rules, you should read this book over and over again until you've practically memorized it, then practice the principles as much as possible. Don't expect to get them right the first time or every time. We didn't. We broke rules, got hurt and then eventually got serious and did The Rules as they

Understanding 8 Do NOT Lust For Results

Now, every once in a while, a student will tell me he has memorized every single pattern but hasn't tried a single one as much as once in the real world And I must inform you if you are potentially such a person that you don't really understand Speed Seduction until you've gone out and done it Stuck on one line and one pattern (not flexible) - this has a ton to do with memorizing patterns Some Success but not repeatable - You have some how managed to get a few success' using a few ideas and patterns and just haven't been able to repeat them. This usually comes when you are being selective and you aren't that flexible yet.

Kill That Desperation

Being a Don Juan is not a net sum of smooth manuevers and methods but of your own outlook on the world and on women. ANYONE can memorize 'techniques', but FEW can change the way HOW they think. Women will be able to sniff out the former. But with the latter, women will be clawing each other for you.

Stages of DJ development

In my mind, at least, there is a big difference between the two. A pickup artist, by definition, is someone who has become an expert in picking up women, often by memorizing lines and scripts, and can usually get a girl in bed within a couple of dates, or else moves on. But since what most of us feel they need to work on is their abilities to get girls, that is what this Boot Camp will be geared towards. However, the focus will not be on memorizing scripts or lines, but rather to develop your innate DJ capabilities, so that no mater what life throws at you whether it be girls, business, etc., you will confidently rise to the challenge.

From Thundercats Seduction Lair

Though I knew my new mindset was seriously warped, I felt more ethical in many ways as a PUA than I had been as an AFC. Part of learning game was not just memorizing openers and phone game and rapport-building tactics, but learning how to be honest with a woman about what I expected from her and what she could expect from me. It was no longer necessary to deceive a woman by telling her I wanted a relationship when I just wanted to get laid by pretending to be her friend when I only wanted to get in her pants by letting her think we were in a monogamous relationship when I was seeing other women.

Lesson Nine

Guides You shall learn and memorize the booklets of Societal Situations with Women. Now he knew to do this when she did that, to do that when she did this, on and so on. Following Manual's guides, he met a consistent success. I love you, Manual the young man cried. Any problems, any situations, Manual would always have an answer. He would consult with Manual day and night, memorize Manual's teachings, and worship Manual.

About Confidence

I just wanted to let you know you information is the best material I ever decided to invest in. I know you told people that you have tried everything and these techniques work best, so let me make a comment to any of the skeptics out there. I have personally invested money in material which discussed being touchy feely and complementing women as many times as you can on a first date while making lots of cheesy smiles to show attraction. I've also purchased book & tape packages which told me to touch women in various places while in clubs talking to them, to get them aroused (I am surprised I didn't get a drink thrown in my face ), I memorized paragraphs (literally) of things to say

State of Mind

I want to emphasize that you must take the time to perform these exercises. No other work you do will be as important as learning to focus and discipline your mind. Memorizing a few clever things to say to a woman won't do you a bit of good if you can't deliver them from a stable and grounded place. You'll have all the effectiveness of a bad actor reading lines he doesn't believe.

Shoes and Clothes

Let me repeat that Women will notice your shoes. They notice their own, and they notice yours. You don't have to spend a fortune to get good shoes, but you will have to pay more than 15 at the local Payless. Go to a discount store that sells many of the brand names on sale. You can get a long-lasting pair of shoes for around 50 or so, and they will do more to enhance your image than those ragged Hush Puppies you've had since you were a kid. Keep your shoes shined and in good condition and you'll avoid raising any red flags with her. Keep your socks in good shape (no holes or tears) and matching. Memorize the golden rules Socks match your pant color, not the shoes, and the belt matches the shoes.

What Ive Learned

Speed seduction will not give you happiness. You want to be accepted for who you are, not because you memorized patterns and lines from an internet website. Being yourself does not mean being a shy sniveling nice guy, it also includes self improvement.

Part I

We're going to start you on a program of understanding how to meet women at any time and any place. All you need to do is open your eyes and set aside about 4 minutes (or less) to talk to her, if that. This approach will work anywhere you see a woman, and it doesn't require you to memorize a bunch of secret handshakes or hypnotic trance words.

The Scams

The Writer Columnist Everyone is a writer. Everyone can be writing about something, or someone, for a class or a newspaper article or an op-ed piece for the local paper. You can invent a few interview questions and memorize them. Then, when you find a woman you want to talk to, you use that topic to start the interaction. You can even invent a 'friend' who you are helping out with this, so you don't have to answer too many questions.

Beyond the Breakup

You've gone through the first hard part, the misery has ended, but another kind of misery is about to begin the unhappiness of doubt, the did I do the right thing second-guessing. You'll do this whether or not you've got someone waiting in the wings (if you do, it's important that you not only read, but also memorize Chapter 24 to save yourself shame, grief, and gobs of misery).

Opening Sets

One of the keys to meeting women in groups is building your skill in opening sets. Sets are groups of two or more people, and they may be a mixture of women and men, too. You have to know how to handle these situations when they arise, and feel confident jumping into them. A lot of guys find going up and meeting a group of people downright impossible, but I'm going to cover some of the most effective methods for opening sets and give you some specific examples that you can memorize.

The Patterns

This is where NLP starts to lose me a little. There are literally hundreds of patterns you can memorize and I am not saying they don't work. In fact they work very well The problem I find is in the memorization process. It makes my interaction feel more contrived and robotic and I don't enjoy the exchange as much as when I am just flowing with the convo. However, there are a few key patterns that I enjoy because they always lead to interesting and often seductive conversation. Remember to learn these but speak them in your own language. Personalize them Here are my favorites


Having sex all night long is like eating a huge bowl of salad It may taste good, it may be healthy and great. But your memory of that salad will get distorted after a few days. It won't just be a big salad. It will seem like an orchard full of greens. You may have liked it, but you can't eat an orchard every day.

Final Thoughts

Instead of trying to apply tricks, cool little techniques, or memorizing canned stories of other people, BE THE PERSON WHOM WOMEN WANT TO SEE. The Perspective with which I approach this issue is the following Why don't we transform you to a cool, relaxed, confident, focused, person with a strong reality and you then you WILL NOT EVER NEED memorized lines, tricks, cool little techniques, alcohol, and or complicated schemes.

Great Stuff

RETAIN it. Watch it again. Make notes. Listen to it again. READ the book again. Within a few weeks, the entire subject is burned into your memory. Then, when you are sitting in a cafe doing Body Language Secrets homework (watching couples and NOT listening to the words) your storehouse of information is readily available. Body Language becomes something you speak, read, transmit and receive


Now, education, being de-sexualized, is pure trivia. You bubble in circles in a scantron, regurgitate the book or paraphrase the professor's words back to him in an essay, or memorize phylum, orders, and species of taxonomic nonsense for scientific labs. You procrastinate when studying because you know that it is not knowledge, just trivia. Compare that to your eagerness to learn the information here. Here, there is no trivia as everyone knows the knowledge is connected to Nature and to life. This sense of decline in education would be corrected if the departments (especially the Humanities) stopped being trivia, stopped being political, and embraced the warrior spirit against Nature that the fields originated with.

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