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A Guide To Your Own Ezine

A Guide To Your Own Ezine

With the expansion and diversity of businesses and hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for more information. And newsletters are the high profit way to cash in on that market for specialized information.

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Directory Of Ezines

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Dating Attraction Tips from the Author of The Dating Black Book

I've been teaching this stuff to people for years. I help men every day through my newsletter, ebooks, and audio programs at http and http I now offer a complete male self-confidence program at where you will learn the Secrets of the Alpha Man and how you can take control of your life - and your sex life.

Meeting Women In Different Places

I think I read in a previous newsletter that you recommend not posting a picture. At the same time, I tend to avoid ads without pictures due to having one too many blind dates which ended with me throwing a stick and shouting fetch in order to distract her long enough to get away. Don't you think that by committing a picture on your ad, women might pass you up for the same reason Or am I mistaken

Managing many relationships at once

How to frame the whole situation, when the question of dating many women concurrently does come up with one of the girls. Marcus, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter It doesn't matter how many people we can share our affections with, but rather it's about how well we can truly be with whom we're with when we're with them.

Pacing the ongoing reality

A good tool to use for instant rapport, especially when approaching (as you need to overcome her possible cautiousness about you and do it fast) is pacing the ongoing reality. What this means, is describing both the very recent (for example her having been idle and you having approached her), ongoing (you talking to her and her being pleasantly surprised) and near future events (her feeling good about getting to know a handsome stranger like you) in a pleasant, humorous and believeable manner. Here's a modified example originated by Clifford in Clifford's Seductin newsletter. It starts out with some basic approaching elements (pardoning, complimenting her, offering your name), which are sometimes frowned upon by more experienced PUA-s (see Complimenting her , Neghits and Should I offer my name for more information on why), but the ensuing pacing of ongoing reality creates an overall pleasant atmosphere of honesty, simplicity and sincerity, which is often almost impossible to resist )...

Nightclubs vs other places to meet girls

(Adapted from Ross Jeffries' newsletter) Bars, night-clubs and night spots Well, if you want to waste you're money, go ahead. Women in these places are far more uptight, far more likely to be very picky about who'll they'll talk to, and plus you'll probably have to spend some money to get in or stay in. Far better places to meet girls are libraries, parks, coffee-shops and various spots around college campuses. Should you still be a college student yourself and have access to college-premises - boy are you (and all the college-girls you have access to in luck. Think back a minute to when YOU were in college or high school. Did you enjoy studying Did you like cramming Or would you welcome virtually any opportunity to put the damn book down and do something more fun, like talk to an interesting, mesmerising stranger

Why This Pattern Happens the Way It Does

If you've read my previous book and any of my newsletters, you probably learned a few things that helped you get her attention in the first place. But when this pattern happens you probably STOPPED doing the things that you did originally and started trying to please her

Put a price on yourself

Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her put some work into hanging out with you in order for her to value you. Make her come and pick you up, make her spend some money on you, make her call and do you favors, etc. When she does things for you it will justify her own feelings for you and allow them to grow.

Just Keep Improving A Little Bit At A Time

If you doubt what I'm saying, ask the next 10 SUPER HOT women you see what they think of this. Read this newsletter to them, and watch their reactions. You'll see. If you want to learn that system, then make sure you start with my online eBook and CD course, and stay tuned to these newsletters. Here they are

Stop Calling First On The Phone Email First Instead

Well I finally decided it was time to change things so i got on the net and eventually stumbled on to your newsletter, and about a month later i bought your book Complete turnaround. Now I know what was wrong. I had a bad case of WUSSYNITIS. Every time I got together with a girl i turned into a complete wuss. Now I have to fight 'em off with a stick. I have so much fun bustin' their balls and they LOVE ME FOR IT. And well

Stop Trying To Buy Attention From Women

I am an 18 yr old who thinks u are the BOMB. You have given true Players a voice you are the MESSENGER . I have been reading your newsletters for over 7 months now and you are spot on. This is the deal, there is this really beautiful blonde i have been friends with for a while now I see her out a lot at clubs(College). she always wants to dance with me (i am a decent dancer) i have been cocky funny la la the works but now i am in trouble, this girl fancies me and i know it, how do i work it so that i remain in control of the situation without getting to WUSSY

Attraction Attraction Attraction

And as a quick note, I have to say that I love the emails that I get that say things like Please don't print this in your newsletter but send me a detailed answer as soon as you can and I'm upset because you didn't email me back with free advice . lol I have hundreds of emails in my SuccessStories inbox from just the last couple of weeks. So if you're upset that you're not getting a reply, please get over it. And don't expect to hear back from me if you say things like Please don't print this in your newsletter , because my newsletter is the vehicle I use to respond to questions. Duh. You can't even give away free advice these days without someone whining As I said in the newsletter you quoted above, this concept is VERY important. To SUBSCRIBE to this FREE newsletter, just go to In a recent newsletter, I wrote about why it's important to leave immediately after getting a woman's email and or number.

Attract girls by being busy

Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her miss you. But in order for scarcity to be effective you have to be sure of one thing. The time she does spend with you must be absolutely amazing, and without a doubt the best time she could have with anyone. You need to be able to create an awesome, MEMORABLE experience with anyone, anywhere, especially when it really counts. Update. Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her put some work into hanging out with you in order for her to value

Putting Too Much Importance On What The Woman Thinks Of You And What Happens In That Particular Situation

I was the typical Nice-Guy-Wussy-Clingy, but I have read your newsletter and I have downloaded your book six months ago, and in six month I have date more women than in six year, first I didn't believe in being Cocky & Funny, but after trying again and again, I have a lot of success and the best of all is that I FEEL that Cocky & Funny is a part of my personality, I ENJOY a lot being Cocky & Funny, but I'm not only C&F with the girls that I meet, I'm C&F with my brother, sister, my friends and with everyone I recently downloaded your e-book, and that combined with your email newsletters have helped me land more email addresses phone s in the last several months than the rest of my 24 year life combined. I now see some of the stuff I have been doing wrong over the years and some things to do to correct my behavior and attitudes towards women. The cocky funny attitude definitely works, when used in the right context. I still feel awkward since I'm fairly new at these new techniques but...

You Spent Too Much Time Talking To Her At The Beginning

Hi i have been reading your newsletter for about two months now and i really wish i could tell you that i've had outstanding success with the cocky and funny approach but im afraid i cant. You see i just cant even picture myself seeing a gorgeous woman somewhere and just starting some kind of conversation with her out of no where like that. I get really nervous around women and never know what to say to them. And i just can't help but see myself get rejected

Be the Alfa or Dominant male

Jason, Clifford's Seduciton newsletter There's an attitude to take with super HB's (and all women really) that is pure gold. The thought is that INSTINCTUALLY women KNOW their role. The key word here is INSTINCTUALLY. What this means is that on an instinctual level women ARE all the same They get their juices flowing when they are in the presence of a MAN who is living HIS ROLE. MAN is the dominant one, NOT woman. And deep down inside women KNOW this. This has NOTHING to do with being an asshole. This is about being a MAN who is NOT afraid (which doesn't necessarily only have to mean the usual TARZAN NOT AFRAID macho stuff, but also not being afraid to be honest, sensitive and caring when the time is right).

Nice guys vs jerks

Peta, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter It dawned on me as it has, that the androgyny is key. Women fall for bastards because they don't turn off the sexuality nice guys think women will be terrified of their sexuality, so they turn it off and all they get is women responding to their androgyny sending all nice guys to LJBF-land

Talking about sex

Clifford, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter One thing I have noticed is that a lot of women will kind of recoil when you say something a bit too sexual and then, if you pursue it with no apologies, they spring back very positively about the comment. It doesn't happen all the time, and certainly depends on the comment itself, but many women do respond to sexual comments after an initial, what shall we call it, politically correct reaction.

Where to meet girls

A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries For me, one of my favorite ways to meet women is to use some type of humorous approach that gets her laughing. Why is this so important

About Confidence

When out with women(once a women told me I seemed false) and NONE of these get the reaction I get from using the material in your book. Oddly enough the only reason I didn't want to get the double your dating material in the beginning is because it wasn't as expensive as the other BS material I wasted so much money on, so I figured it can't be as good. I am in grad school right now and I realized after reading your newsletters(which had questions from the rich to average) that making good money was not going to give me success with women, and besides I don't want anyone putting me in the long-term lover withhold sex category explained in your book anyway.

Being A Wussy

IMPORTANT NOTE I get emails every once in awhile saying Hey Dave, I stopped getting your emails or I haven't been getting all your newsletters anymore . The problem of unsolicited mail (s p a m) is getting pretty bad these days, so some of the larger email providers such as AOHELL, Not-So-Hot-Mail, etc. will often put mail into some kind of junk folder for you. Or they'll block it altogether without you even knowing about it. If you have any trouble in the future, check to see if you have a junk folder in your system, and look there for it. And I recommend that if you stop getting email from me that you go to the main website and enter your email again. I also want to mention that I NEVER EVER EVER EVER sell or rent out my newsletter or customer lists to others, so IMPORTANT NOTE 2 Don't take it personally if I don't include your letter to me in one of these newsletters. I get hundreds and hundreds of emails a week, and I can only include a handful. Keep writing...

No No No No No

I come from Scotland and although I can detect a slight 'American' influence it really works well. I have a problem David that I just don't know will ever be solved but I'd like to ask you anyway. I realise it is a bit heavy but the main thing is I'm sort of OK with it. I have a disability David that I think puts women off from the 'this is my man, an he'll provide for me, attitude' Talking to women as never been much of a problem (I think I'm OK at communication). even hooking up sometimes and more often than not the 'back to my place thing'. So I got pissed at her for the way she was acting after that (ignoring me completely, not doing things with me she had committed to etc.), and didn't contact her anymore (as a side note, I had not yet found your newsletter or ezine at the time, nor had I decided that I had to really get this aspect of my life dealt with-after she started acting uninterested, I decided that I must fix this part of my life-so I...


I've read your newsletter for a few months now and just recently got your book which is fantastic. First off a little background here. I was married for 11 years (I'm 33) and basically was either dating or married to same person for 13 years. I have been divorced now for a few months, and was actually

You Walked Away

If you've been reading my newsletters, and you've read my book Double Your Dating , then there's a good chance that somewhere along the way you've said to yourself Does this guy think that long-term relationships are healthy right now and get it. I promise that EVERYTHING in these newsletters will make more sense to you after you've read it. You'll learn all about how to make women feel that illogical, mystical, GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION with your communication and personality. 2) From time to time I want to remind you that every one of the emails contained in my newsletters is real and authentic I don't have my mom write these, and I don't sit and come up with them myself Also, I get literally thousands of emails per month from various sources, and it's just not physically possible for me to answer every email. If you have a Success Story and question for me, just email it to SuccessStories and keep it short. Share something that's working for you

From The Mailbag

I was laughing in amazement through the entire book. Before I had bought your book, i had taken my sister out to dinner to interview her about some of your ideas (from the newsletter) and to also get insight into women players . I used her ideas and yours to approach and get, two numbers from two attractive women. Thank you On to my question, I had set up a date with my younger sisters friend that we hadn't talked to in 10+ years. After contacting her, she was very flirtatious and sent some semi-sexy pics on line. She lived in another state . So when I flew in for business, I had set up a night for us to go out. So when we met, I was kind of weird (the last time i had seen her was when she was 11 yrs old). I started teasing her and she looked at me like What the hell did you just say . So I kept on teasing and kept getting those looks (like she was confused and shocked and did NOT like it). She didn't respond to the teasing very well, like I had anticipated. So it was an weird...