Few Words About Change

"I just want to be myself."

"I don't want to change to suit other people."

"I only want women and other people to love me for who I am."

This is hardly a new concept, but I have to re-state the most common of all fallacies (I call these phallus-ies) regarding the myth of "being yourself." I'm relating this to men's search for a woman, but it also applies to all relationships in the Alpha Man's life.

You are not being yourself when you insist that it's more natural to act wimpy than be an Alpha Man.

In other words, most men cop out to the "I don't want to have to do X, Y, and Z to get a woman interested," and then they'll act self-righteous about how much better they are for not "playing all those games."

What it amounts to is BULLSHIT.

Hey, I used to say the same thing. I used to believe that Damn it, I'm going to just be myself and not have to do all these lines and magic tricks, and women will want me for who I am.

I'm here to tell you that a woman does not want you for who you are, but who she imagines you can be for her.

A woman does not love the man, but she loves the man that makes her feel that she is special and unique. You see, your friends do not want you solely for the person you are but the enjoyment that you bring into their lives.

I know it sounds terribly selfish, but it's always true. You're the same way. When a person becomes more of a pain than a pleasure, you avoid them. We're driven by selfish needs. Let me say it one more time, simply:

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