Accountability is a large part of the Alpha Man's consciousness from day to day because it assigns proper responsibility for his actions, while making sure he's aware of who he needs to answer to for those actions. Ultimately, an Alpha Man is accountable to himself, first and foremost. He knows that he has a personal code to live up to, and he does not compromise it for anyone.

Without a sense of accountability, a man will not be motivated to do the right things at the right time. We start out our lives accountable only to our parents, and it is through them that we learned how to behave and what things were important in life. Sometimes they did not teach us in the best way, but much of our development is a result of their example.

As an adult, a man must create his own code of conduct and make this his pattern for life. He understands that even though he is still accountable to certain family members and friends, he ultimately must decide his own path.

If he doesn't achieve a goal, that is his fault.

If he doesn't work to grow and improve himself, it is his fault.

Without accountability, a man can easily decide that he can do whatever he likes, whenever he likes, as long as it's within the limits of the law and social convention. There are no real repercussions for the things he chooses not to do, like continue his education, improve his character, or seek higher levels of achievement.

Without that accountability framework, a man will often slip into bad habits, laziness, and negative thinking. Instead of achieving with his talents, he will squander his gifts and take most of his life for granted.

Keep yourself accountable!

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