Adventure and Danger The Alpha Man as Bad

One of the attractive qualities of an Alpha Man is his willingness to jump in and take life by the balls, not playing it "safe." A woman can sense if a man is the kind who will be fun to hang around because he's either out there pushing the envelope, or he's working in the mailroom licking envelopes. Adventure and danger are no strangers to the Alpha Man.

As you are aware, the "Bad Boy" myth - that women sleep with the dangerous guys out there - has some elements of truth to it. Not every woman is attracted to this type of man, but every woman is attracted to certain parts of the Bad Boy personality. Let's review these traits:

- Adventurous: Whether it's drinking until 4:00 am, bungee-jumping off of bridges, snowboarding - whatever, the Bad Boy is out doing risky things. He's not driving a station wagon under the speed limit; he's driving a motorcycle at high speeds. He doesn't play it safe, and he needs new experiences every day, or life becomes boring.

- Opinionated: Even if his opinions are a bit hard to understand and sometimes immature, the Bad Boy has no problem telling you what he thinks. Some people call this a "strong personality," but he's just able to tell you exactly what's on his mind. He's not afraid to disagree with anyone, either.

- Self-interested: The Bad Boy has a great deal of self-interest, which makes him challenging and interesting to other women. He has his own hobbies and passions, and these translate into a fulfilled existence that he can then pass along to other people. (Women sense that this also means he'll have the skills they want in bed, too.)

- Joker: His sense of humor is almost always well developed, and this draws the ladies in. He knows how to make women laugh and enjoy themselves. He's got a sharp wit, and a keen sense of what's funny. He doesn't take things too seriously.

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- Independent: A bad boy doesn't want to be tied down. He doesn't need other people, and he never gives off the vibe that he's looking for a woman to lean on. He can do just fine with or without a woman, which is what makes women want him even more.

- Fun: A bad boy is always fun. He's never dull, because he's always got some new place to explore. He's thrilling to the nervous system of a woman because he's so different from the boring guys out there she usually encounters. He knows that a woman wants to enjoy herself more than anything. And she will repay the man that gives her that fun along the way.

- Unpredictable: A woman loves a Bad Boy because he's so hard to predict. One minute he might call her at home and tell her he's thinking about dating other women, the next night he shows up at her place and makes love to her on the kitchen table.

One of the most stimulating experiences for a woman is to not be able to predict a man's behavior. Start doing things that are different just to experience it. Dress significantly different for her each time you see her. Call her at a weird time. Email her a really funny picture. Grow your whiskers in. Wear different sunglasses.

Don't go too weird with the variations here. You don't want to come across as a lunatic. Just make some subtle changes in your behavior that tells her you're an interesting guy, not boring.

Here are some classic ways to spot the Bad Boy:

- His refrigerator has a car battery, beer, and Chinese food from last week. When it's cleaned up and stocked, it's full of spicy dishes and quick food, along with beer and Gatorade.

- The walls of his apartment are covered in "art" ranging from hot women in swimsuits to James Dean smoking a cigarette.

- His CD player is always packed full of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Eminem

- His bathroom cabinet is stocked with condoms, cologne, aspirin, and a spare toothbrush

- He's got a tattoo and/or pierced ear

- He's got a leather jacket (REAL leather)

- He says the word "fuck" regularly, and in the most creative ways, like "abso-fuckin-lutely" and "that's assi-fuckin-nine."

- He knows at least ten good jokes involving edgy topics, like sex, group sex, and fellatio, and a few of the "farmer's daughter" variety

- He subscribes to Playboy or another quality men's magazine

- He has a pair of good shit-kicking boots

- He still has enough style to look cool even when he's wearing a sports coat and slacks

- He has a lighter, even if he doesn't smoke

- One minute he's talking about riding his motorcycle across the Great Wall of China, the next minute he's talking about his crazy uncle from Minnesota and investing in a business selling the next Viagra

- He's got a dog, and it's a fun one (larger than 15 pounds) that knows at least one trick, like fetch the beer bottle

- He's got a few cool stickers on whatever car he's driving. (But definitely NOT the sticker of Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" taking a pee. That's just dumb.)

Don't mistake the Bad Boy for the "Jerk" stereotype. The Bad Boy is close to a jerk, but less prone to those abusive and arrogant behaviors. The Bad Boy is the guy women go to for crazy adventure and wild sex, knowing that they are free to want only this from him and not expect commitment. He's their safe outlet when they want to just "have fun."

The Bad Boy is also a wicked challenge to a woman, because he's the opposite of the needy guys she tends to run into most of the time. He gives off an "I really don't give a shit" attitude without coming off as rude or impolite. If there were just three traits to use to summarize the parts a woman finds interesting in any man - especially the Bad Boy, they would be unpredictable, independent, and fun.

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