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This is another way of changing your mental state, and it works great before a date or any meeting where you want to be at the top of your game. Here's what you do:

Close your eyes. (You don't have to go through all the steps you did for meditation, but try to do this in a reasonably quiet place, like in your car.) Imagine you're walking down the street, and you pass by the window of a few video rental stores. There's a poster of you in your latest movie, standing next to a hot woman and running from some explosion and armed bad guys. The title at the bottom says, "(Your name) is back for more in the best action movie of the year... Nominated for twelve Oscars ... Eight thumbs up!" You chuckle and keep walking.

You then look up and see a billboard with your picture on it, and you're wearing a tux, endorsing the latest model Porsche. Hmmm. They still haven't paid you for the rest of that advertising campaign, you remember. You'll have to get your agent on that one.

You pass a newsstand where you're on the cover of Time magazine as the "Man of the Year" for all your work to support charities. A woman is standing there reading her copy of it, and she looks up at you and does a double-take, smiling. She asks you for your autograph, and you happily oblige her.

Just then, your cell phone rings. The mayor of the city is holding a party that night, and he's invited you to attend. He mentions that he's also invited a few people that are "dying to meet you," like Quentin Tarantino, Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, Metallica, and others. You tell him you'll be a little late because you're working on a few more songs before you go on tour this month, but you'll try to get there sometime.

Now, this may seem a little far-fetched, but if you let yourself believe that this could be your lifestyle, you can really jack up your self-image a few levels. I used these examples because they appeal to me, but you can use any situation that makes you feel more confident about yourself. The more you imagine it, the less silly it becomes, and the more you start to believe that this could really be your life.

A simpler version of this is to just imagine the situation you'd feel the most powerful in, and imagine it completely, with every detail. For example, if you'd feel most confident in a three-piece suit, one woman on each arm, walking into the most expensive restaurant in New York City, then imagine that.

See every detail. See the textures of the suit you're wearing, and the zippers on the women's dresses. You see the little flower tattoo on one of their ankles. You smell

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the fresh lobster and fillet mignons as they are brought from the kitchen. You hear the jazz quartet playing a few of your favorite Frank Sinatra songs. You can feel the heat of the breath of the woman next to you as she whispers to you that you look gorgeous and wants to go down on you during dessert.

Involve every sense you can, and make it almost too real, so that you believe it. Turn up the intensity of the light and colors, and make it super-real.

Now how do you feel? I'll bet that you've got a bigger smile on your face. I'll also bet that if you were in a bad or low mood, you're feeling a little better. You may even have forgotten for a minute all those "reasons" you have for feeling bad.

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