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- Set aside some time THIS WEEK and check out the gyms in your area. Stop putting it off.

And don't try to convince yourself that you're going to be able to work out by yourself at home unless you are extremely self-disciplined. And if you were, you'd probably already be doing it, wouldn't you?

- Cut back on sodas immediately. Drinking a can or two (or ten) of Coke may be a bit of an addiction you've developed, but once you get free of the sugar, your body can adjust and start working for you instead of against you.

- Start eating more frequent meals each day and in smaller quantities.

- Cut back on your caffeine intake. A little caffeine actually is great for confidence and lifting your mood, but beware the Mega-super-motherfucker sizes you get from the local coffee shop. You only need about 30-60 mg of caffeine to feel an effect, and these super-size coffees can range from 100 to 600+ mg. (And even a lot more.)

- Cut back on the booze. Alcohol will also work against you since there are more calories (yes, in carbohydrates, for you Atkins nuts) in there than you think. Cut back and find alternate ways of getting your buzz. You might think you need a couple shots of liquid "courage," but you're also risking the extreme affects of beer-goggles and asshole behavior. Nothing makes you screw up a seduction faster than getting too buzzed. You think you're Mr. Life of the Party, but they think you're an idiot.

- Make it a point to get yourself a good book on nutrition to learn how your body processes the food you eat. Learn about the ATP cycle, and how muscles respond to different forms of exercise. Learn about the use of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body, and how they're stored.

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