Defuse Your Enemies

One of the essential skills for Alpha Men (especially humans) is that they know how to avoid the loss of their status. This loss can come in many forms:

- Death - Most prominent in the animal kingdom

- Emasculation - The loss of your manhood in the eyes of your social group can be as damning as death in some cultures. This is social humiliation.

- Loss of self-respect and dignity - Your own self-image is priceless, and you must protect it at all costs. You cannot doubt yourself.

- Loss of possessions or income - Your provider status is measured directly against your ability to earn and support a family. This doesn't mean you have to be rich or give a woman money and gifts, but you have to be able to consistently demonstrate your potential.

- Loss of power and status - You must make sure that your power is maintained. There are many people (men and women) who will try to steal this from you to build their own sense of self-esteem or power, and you must have the right strategies to deal with them.

You have to have a strategy to deal with the people who try to strip you of your power. One of the ones you'll encounter most frequently is the .

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