Everything in the world is working for you not against you

You must find the reasons to truly believe that everyone and everything that comes into your life is a force to assist you in some way. Find a way to derive forward momentum and energy from every situation you encounter, even if it seems like an obstacle or setback.

There was a business executive who used to answer every single bit of bad news with, "That's good!" He said it right off the bat without even thinking about it. Then he was committed to finding a reason that the bad news was actually good. You'd be surprised how well this really works for your attitude.

You have to take every situation and use it to your advantage. Don't believe that every person you meet is out to get you or piss you off. They're really there as guides and teachers, helping show you the way to success and enlightenment, even if it's only in contrast to their complete and utter stupidity.

The world is working to help you, if you'll just let go of self-pity long enough to see the opportunity in every situation.

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