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A lot is said about a person's interest by the way they face someone. When you stand directly across from someone, with your body completely square with theirs (face is forward, body is facing them, and toes are pointed at them) you are communicating complete attention and focus. This is often too much for a woman you've just met, since it over-states the obvious - that you're interested in her.

On the other hand, facing too far away from them will communicate that you are not interested at all. You see this kind of communication from women who are playing the traditional game of "hard-to-get" with guys they are testing for inferiority. They will look over their shoulder when they talk to you, or somehow avoid direct eye-contact or turning too much in response to you. This is her way of saying, "I get this all the time, so you better be different than the last few guys or I'm not going to really give you any attention." I recommend you get a feel for this and use it to send the same signals back to women. Here's how:

At a bar, you walk up to get a drink. There's a hot blonde giggling and jiggling with her friend next to you. You look over your right shoulder at her and say: "Hey, do you have the time?" No smile or overly-friendly behavior from you.

Here's what this looks like from above:

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As you can see, by keeping an angle, you don't "telegraph" your intentions to her. This is where a lot of guys come on too strong with really hot women. Compare this to the diagram below:

Or even this one:

Which is a lot worse, primarily because of the overt attention placed on her. In some cases this attention can be fine, as in a situation where she may have called you over, or seems like she is giving you clear lOIs (Indication Of Interest).

But for the really gorgeous babes, this will not work. They've got more attention than they'll ever need. You can only separate yourself from the pack

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by communicating superiority and value. (And when the time is right, you will maneuver yourself more directly into her line of sight and speak directly to her.)

What kind of man casually asks for the time over his shoulder? The kind of man who isn't desperate for what she's got. And that, my friend, will spark her curiosity like nothing else.

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