Fun Sex in a Womans Mind

There is an interesting parallel that you need to be aware of now that you're becoming more Alpha. It's an interesting phenomenon that most guys aren't aware of, and if they were, they'd change their approach radically.

In a healthy (i.e., sane) woman's mind, if she's having lots of fun, laughing, enjoying herself, feeling good, she will want sex. The two states of mind are almost the same thing to her. One will lead very naturally to the other.

Think about most of the dates a woman goes out on. Here's the template for most guys' interactions with women:

- Walk up and introduce themselves

Which is usually 98% of the reason they don't get more dates, because this is where they first start with their un-originality. I call this the "beat the head against the wall" approach, because a guy relies on brute force to get success from this method.

Then, if by some miraculous twist of fate she does agree to a date:

- You go to dinner

- Talk about jobs, family, television, where they grew up (all the most boring shit you could ever imagine, worse than a job application)

- Go to a movie or maybe a club

- Take her home

- Try to kiss her, hoping that she liked you for "who you are" enough to return it - or maybe "get lucky" and she'll invite you inside

I'm here to tell you that every woman on the planet is bored to death of this pattern, since 90% of all guys have used this blueprint for a "date" with her since she first got her boobies.

This is incredibly dull, and that's why she's looking for the missing ingredient and will do anything to get it. It's called FUN.

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Do you remember that song by Cindy Lauper? "Girls just want to have fun"? When that song came out in the 1980s it was the anthem for ten million teenage girls, and as those girls grew into women, they still got hyper and wet to dance to it on the 80's retro nights at dance clubs. Then, when they got married and settled down, these same women hear that song and sing to it with a longing, faraway look on their faces as they push their baby strollers down the aisles of Target, looking for bargains on dish soap and remembering their "crazy days" when all they had was "fun."

That song was so obvious that guys overlooked the truth of the lyrics. Girls (and women) just want to have fun. And any man that can give them fun is going to go as far as he wants.

This is why it is essential to make sure that any meeting you have with a woman is upbeat and light. What I mean by light is no pressure, no expectations, and no weird vibes. In order for a woman to want to get together with you over and over again, she's got to have a reason. And by giving her fun and lighthearted experiences each time, she will want to repeat the experience. It's a kind of conditioning.

Laughing is a requirement for women to be seduced. You can't go in with a super-serious attitude and expect to bang women. You have to tickle their funny bone. I'll cover a little Alpha Man humor later, but for now you'll just need to be aware that you should include as much laughter in your meetings as you can. If you have to take her to stand-up comedy acts to get it, then do it that way. But get her having fun and laughing.

It's sad, but so few guys really know how to be fun.. You have to shed that "I wanna get in bed with you" agenda just long enough to show her a genuinely fun time first.

After the fun comes the missing factor - the one that most guys ignore once they've established a little attraction and interest on the part of the woman. It's called ...

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