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Alpha: The first letter of the Greek alphabet. Most often used as an adjective to describe males and females of species (e.g., Alpha Male, etc.) who rank first within a group. In some species, the Alpha Male is the only one who mates. While in others, the Alpha Male rarely mates since he is so aggressive that he attacks females or spends too much time defending (and winning) his resources. (Yes, it is possible to be too Alpha.)

On the other hand, sometimes the Alpha Male hardly fights at all, simply because no one challenges him. One has to be careful to not automatically assume that the Alpha Male is the one who is fighting all the time (i.e., the most aggressive male.)

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There is also an Alpha Female, who gets her power by many common traits -physical strength and beauty as reflections of genetic stability and positive environment. Social status or the acquisition thereof. Intellectual ability. Emotional depth. Nurturing ability.

Back to our Alpha: he holds a prominent social position within his "pack" or society as a whole, due to a combination of his physical prowess and his competence and coping skills. His large physical capacity for destruction is overlaid by an equal or stronger force for constructiveness - a gentle streak. When in society, force is used only out of need or circumstance. His intellect is considerable, another example of good breeding (in a physical sense), and he is a well-honed weapon. He does not use his mind for fantasy and unproductive dreaming; his words are thought over, weighed, delivered with a controlled force. The civilized Alpha Man holds self-control in high esteem.

Emotionally, the Alpha Man is usually extremely self-disciplined, an animal formed by social rules and structure. His emotions are generally repressed or used only as tools. Those emotions - such as tenderness, affection, or love - that are not directly in demand for the primary Alpha Male goal of dominance tend to be held back.

You'll often hear women complain about that last one, and it's easy to mistake this for meaning that he needs to be emotional and "sensitive." It's not necessary to overcompensate. He does have to demonstrate emotional capacity, but giving a woman emotional sensitivity does not mean that he has to be a woman. We'll cover this further in the section on "Emotional Intelligence."

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