Gladiator - Russel Crowe is the epitome of male confidence. "Strength and Honor!"

Maverick - Mel Gibson's character imitates wimpiness, but he's really demonstrating the hallmark characteristics of the confident and effective Alpha Man.

Most all the James Bond series, especially the early Sean Connery films.

Groundhog Day - Bill Murray's transformation from clueless joker to balanced guy is priceless, but the best part is watching him learn to change his impact and influence on people.

The Empire Strikes Back - Han Solo is THE man in this classic and probably the best of all the Star Wars films.

Back to the Future - See George McFly. See George McFly change from a low-self-esteem wimp into an Alpha Man.

The Breakfast Club - Observe the way Judd Nelson's character draws in Molly Ringwald by showing her what a "fuck the world" attitude is really like.

Fight Club - Hmm... two clubs in a row. This movie is the quintessential statement of the anger in today's male society. The theme underneath the violence and chaos these men wreak is loud and clear.

Dangerous Liaisons - Watch the immaculately clever rake Valmont (played by John Malkovitch) as he seduces the most unobtainable women. Most impressive is the technique by which he's able to finally seduce Glenn Close's character. Some of the strategies he employs fit a certain social convention that is long past, but the underlying psychology is a work of art.

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